Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Solstice Aftermath

My brain was at it again last night, but this time it wasn’t due to racing in overdrive.
It was out carousing in White Plains, but this time I actually went along with it, just to see who these characters are it's been hanging out with at night. 

I won’t go into details, but I definitely have to have a serious talk with my brain.  There needs to be some changes.

So, today, it’s not just my brain that’s shot; my body’s right there with it.  And if you read yesterday’s post, you know why.

The party was a huge success, though. The Police finally cleared out after 4 AM, and they said they would send someone over to roll up the yellow crime scene tape this afternoon.

Who would have thought that a labyrinth could cause so much trouble?

Then this guy from the Druid union showed up at about midnight, and said he heard we were using some non-union Druids at an unsanctioned event.  I tried to tell him that they weren’t really Druids at all, but just Rosie and Frank, dressed in Druid garb.

So that was the beginning.

Then, since I couldn’t find any morris dancers to participate, I had to get two guys named Murray, to fill in.  But apparently murray dancers are not sanctioned by the Druid union either.

These guys are more mulish than the teamsters. Then this Druid guy starts shouting something about “Human sacrifices need to be made!”, which is not something you want to hear at a party where you're just trying to have a good time.

And I’m not even getting into this year’s Naked Fire Dancing debacle....

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