Sunday, August 7, 2011

On the 76th day

And on the 76th day he returned from the sea, looked back on all he had created throughout the previous 75 and said:

“Geeeez…look at all this clutter. I’m gonna have to get a bigger place to store all this nonsense.”

And with that the wise man set out to find a carpenter to build a suitable space…but not without three estimates.

In the market place he came upon several who presented him with fancy brochures and glossy representations of their work.

I can build you the space you desire,” said one. “I’ll even throw in some shelving.”

The wise man shook his head and moved on to the next.

“Forget shelves”, said another. “I’ll build you a room with multiple cubbies, and a secret compartment, wink wink, you know what I mean. 

The man smiled and moved on to the next.

There, in the corner sat a man who had trained a monkey to do back flips into a barrel of water.

The wise man, amused, drew nearer and spoke to the man.

“My dear, monkey man. I’m in need of a carpenter to build a storage space for my wares.”

The monkey man and the monkey ceased their diversion and looked the wise man over.

And what are your wares?” asked the monkey man.

Ideas” answered the wise man.

I cannot build a space to house your ideas old man…nobody can.

Can the monkey?” asked the wise man.

I never asked.”

Come,” said the wise man. “You’ll do.”

What about the monkey?”

I was talking to the monkey.”

But what about me?” said the monkey man.

Bring the monkey and leave the cannoli.”

Cannoli…what are you some kind of Godfather freak? You’re not making much sense.”

I mostly never do…except to the monkey.…”

With that, the monkey made a joyful noise and did another backflip into the barrel of water.

The other men merely stood in place, confused by what had transpired.

I don’t get it.” said the first.

Was that supposed to be funny?” asked the second.

Is it ever?” said the wise man, for he was indeed wise.

“What about the cubbies?” shouted the second man. “I can cut you a deal!”

The wise man and the monkey man walked off together, in search of materials, led by the monkey who would only buy if there were a sale.

They were thankful for the lesson they had learned that day, except for the monkey who resented having to build shelving.


  1. Take a day off now to re-enter monkeyman. :-)

  2. Don't blame me...blame the monkey....


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