Monday, August 29, 2011

So I'm Told...

There apparently was some BIG storm, that has everyone talking; but believe me it doesn’t take much to get folks around here talking.

Apparently, I’m told, we survived, said storm, but apparently I missed the whole thing, concentrating as I was on this week’s blog posts...apparently.
I do and I do…I give and I give…I know…I’m told.

You’d think someone would have mentioned it.

So that’s what all the flashlights and candles were for.  Good thing we had them since I’m also told we've been without power since 2 PM Sunday; this after thinking we had made it to the clearing.

I’m told…

But usually we’re left with about 4 inches of water in our basement…and we weren’t because the power didn’t go off until well after the rains had ceased and desisted, following orders given by Z.
I’m told….

You don’t want to mess with Z’s orders.

Believe me…you don’t.

So no water, but no power either or a promise of power until….wait for it…11:59.PM…Sept. 1st.

Which to some is next month…I’m told.

So I’m picking up my Unc’s generator…again...and hopefully the cable and internet will be up and running again by this afternoon, one way or the other…I’m told.

And Z is trying very hard to not let loose her “I told you so” face.

 But not too hard…

I’m told…

This has been a special Retort...from The Freelance Retort
We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

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