Friday, July 6, 2012

A Wednesday Holiday—Do You Mind?

I don’t mind when Z and I pass each other in the hall first thing in the morning without uttering a word.

After a lifetime of mornings spent passing each other in hall first thing in the morning, words aren’t really necessary. 

What I do mind, however, is Z locking the front door behind me when I go out to pick the newspapers up off the front walk.

That bothers me.

What also bothers me is this little stick on advertisement that’s pasted over the front page headline every morning.  I mean isn’t there enough advertising in the paper already?  Do I really need to know about another sale at Kohl's?

But don’t mind me…my head’s a little fuzzy today, so I’m feeling a little nit picky.

I know….

I guess I’m still trying to re-center myself after our 4th of July shindig the other day.

Not that I over imbibed…I didn’t.  I imbibed just the right amount for a 4th of July...especially a 4th of July that fell on a Wednesday.

Cuz to be honest, we all know—like most other things—Wednesday can’t handle a national holiday.

National Holidays are more Monday’s thing.

But not for the 4th; most times the pesky 4th falls wherever it pleases.

It’s that whole independence thing…you know.

So this year it fell on old friend Wednesday, which pretty much screwed up everyone’s plan for a long weekend.

And if you did take a long weekend, then there was the problem of what part of the weekend you attached to Wednesday…Saturday and Sunday, followed by Monday and Tuesday…or Thursday and Friday, followed by Saturday and Sunday.  

So leave it to Wednesday to make something nice and simple, difficult and dumb.

Of course, most people didn’t know what to do, so they just took off the 4th itself…right in the middle of the week.

Now Tuesday felt like Friday and Wednesday felt like Saturday, which is all Wednesday needed. People changed their normal mid-week routines and went into weekend mode.

There were backyard BBQ’s, pool parties, trips to the beach…and of course fireworks galore, all over the night sky.

And then Thursday came…and everyone had to go back to their regular Thursday schedule—not to mention their jobs—when every molecule in their bodies was telling them…“Hey dude, what ya doing…it’s only Sunday!”

But it wasn’t…it was Thursday…and now it’s Friday.

Not good…not good at all.

Some people even get confused to the point that they think they dreamed the whole thing….

Okay…that might just be me…but it’s still disconcerting.

I guess the good news is that what everyone thought of as a new Monday, was really Thursday, which means what now feels like Tuesday is really Friday…which is actually followed by Saturday, so everyone can get back on track…even if there aren’t any fireworks.

I know…even more confusing, huh?

Leave it to Wednesday.

So if you’re like me and still finding yourself cranky and out of sorts…that’s why.

Don’t blame me…blame Wednesday….again.

I just retort the facts, whether I like them or not….

Maybe some left over apple pie will cheer me up…besides, it’s already Friday.

I think….

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