Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It Worked!

Ahem…cough cough…

As I was saying….every time I write about something topical, it changes immediately.

So, last time I wrote about the insufferable humidity we’d been having, just to see if I could catch us all a break and get rid of it.

And my plan worked!

Even as the words posted to the page, early Monday morning, the humidity began dropping from a sticky 91% to a very comfortable 38% as I write this, Monday afternoon.

No need to thank me, but, as you can see, my powers of persuasion are obviously even greater than I first believed.

A 53 point drop?

Imagine if had a real newspaper gig, the things I could accomplish.

Poverty, hunger, violence, war…maybe even pestilence, which would really be saying something cuz the guy who lives in back of me, two houses down, is a real pest  with that leaf blower of his. I think he uses it to fluff up the squirrels.

But for now, I guess we’ll have to settle for lower humidity.

At least it’s something.

For now….

I was actually BBQ-ing Sunday night (compared to pretend BBQ-ing, which I haven’t done in a while) in a 60 mile per hr. wind storm, topped off with driving rain.

Not sure if the rain was old enough to drive but you know how indifferent rain can be to rules…especially when it comes to the DMV.

Sounds odd, I know, but there was no other choice...I had to turn the Pork Chops 2 more times before they were done.

It was know.

Plus slather on the BBQ sauce, which was difficult to do since it was flying out of the bowl.

Z helped me out for a while by holding an umbrella over my head, but she only weighs about 28 pounds so she took off like Mary Poppins and landed on my neighbor’s deck.

Luckily for all you Z fans, she was fine and ended up staying over there for dinner since they were having swordfish, which Z prefers to pork.

So that was the end of my help.

The thing is, when I started cooking it was actually sunny. There I sat, on the deck sipping my cocktail, reading the Sunday papers, which I had forgone that morning, so I could write about the humidity instead, just so all you people would stop your sweaty complaining.

Or was that just me?

16 minutes later…well, you know.

Luckily the lightning bolt hit the umbrella…so that sort of tipped me off.

The funny thing is, the chops ended up dry and I ended up soaked.

But it could have been worse; the lightening could have hit my Gin & Tonic, which I had just refreshed.

Aside from the dry Pork Chops, the only other casualty we sustained from the “storm from nowhere” was a fair sized tree limb that came down in our front yard.

Luckily it didn’t land on anything important…at least not anything important that was ours.

The neighbor’s alpaca might disagree..

The next morning I cut it up and dragged it out to the curb—the tree limb, not the neighbor’s alpaca.

Sad…but again, remember…the Gin & Tonic escaped unscathed

So all in all, I have to say we got off pretty easy. A lot of folks in the area did not as they lost their power for almost a day or more.

But I wasn’t worried about power at all this time; I was prepared for any contingency.

After our last power outage in the wake of last year’s Hurricane Irene, I finally broke down and bought a generator.

Still not quite sure how to use it, but I know, just having spent all that money on it pretty much ensures my power will never go out again…just to spite me.

Just like the humidity

So I’ll take that….

Good luck…bad luck…. might all be in the cards.

It’s just a matter of how you choose to play them….

And now...the damn humidity will come can book it.


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