Friday, December 28, 2012


I’m bored…right now….

Bored, bored, bored.

Hey, it’s a Friday…what d'ya expect?

Not to mention the Friday of the most boring week of the year.

The "Let's just wrap this thing up and move on" week

So that’s why I’m writing this….about being bored.

I figured it might make me less bored…which so far it hasn’t.

And I have a feeling that now I’m just passing it on to you.


I guess that’s what being bored gets you…more boring.

I even tried Googling bored…but I couldn’t get through it.

Which I should have figured since I’m not sure how boring can be interesting.

You know….

I don’t get bored all that often….

Unless I do…and then I will….

…get bored.

But that’s what happens.

Oh sure…we all know those people who never get bored because they can’t sit still long enough to tie their shoe laces, let alone let their mind unwind and just do nothing, if only for a day.

But that’s not me…I tie my shoe laces countless times a day.

Some people don’t know what to do with a fallow moment, let alone an idle day.

I’m pretty sure those people think if they do take a break someone will catch them and report them to the Department of Slothful Indiscretion.

Then their picture might be plastered all over town on billboards.

So they keep moving.

Never get bored.

Like this.

Sometimes I try to break the boredom by doing something totally useless…like this.

I figure if I feel useless, then doing something useless, will be fulfilling.

And then I won’t feel bored anymore.

I’ll feel accomplished.

But I’m still bored.

Bored, bored, bored.

Not that I’m a boring person.

That’s something completely different.

Boring people themselves are probably never bored.

They’re usually too busy telling themselves all the interesting things they do in a day.

That’s because when they’re telling you all the interesting things they do in a day, you’re not listening…because it’s boring.

Because they’re boring.

Because people who think you’re interested in what they did last Tuesday should probably just write a blog or something.


Maybe I’ll peel an apple…from the inside out.

Or learn how to juggle….while peeling the apples from the inside out.

Or learn how to juggle….while peeling the apples from the inside out and tying my shoe laces at the same time.

That sounds kind of interesting.


I’m bored.

Bored, bored, bored….
And now I'm guessing you are too....


Retort to the Retort -

“Is there anybody alive out there…”