Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Stubborn Maples

All the leaves are down…except mine.


I’m ready to put up my Christmas lights but I still have leaves on my two maple trees.

Of course that goes against my personal rule of leaves on the tree, no lights on the…other stuff.

Sorry…I sat here for about 10 minutes hunting for something to rhyme with tree.

I got nothing.

I’m not sure why these particular maples are hanging on for so long.

Just stubborn I guess.

That’s just how maples are sometimes.

But it’s kind of annoying since I pretty much put the rakes and leaf blower away.

And now I have to wait for this.

At least the Scarecrows are happy about the extended stay.

Of course the small Japanese maple probably has a reason to have a little tude.

It survived the "super storm” without a blemish or bruised branch to speak of.

It was really very proud, especially with the front yard littered with all the big boy branches, strewn about in shambles.

You know, the ones that mocked him all summer.

And then, later that night, another one of the big boy branches came keplunking down from the sky and splat…right on top of the poor little guy…taking out a good two thirds of him.
 So were he once looked like that.
He now looks like this.
Kind of reminiscent of a one sided Hollywood prop tree facing the street.

But that’s what life does when we get too smug…splat!

And then the snow and all this freezing weather at night.

I mean how much can a tiny maple take?

So I guess the little guy wants to hold onto as much dignity as he can muster before he packs it in for the winter.

The tree guy said he wasn’t even sure he would make it to the spring, considering the size of his wounds.

Of course I was taken aback by this terribly unsettling news and immediately offered my condolences for his misfortune and wished him well…but then the tree guytold me he was talking about the little tree…not himself.

I said, “oh….”

So we’ll see.

I’m putting my money on the tree, which has already cost me several dollars because money doesn’t sit in trees very well.

Maybe the big maple is holding onto its leaves in support of his smaller brother tree.

Or maybe he’s just stubborn and refuses to go first.

I was going to go out and talk to the both of them, to find out what’s what, but the last time I did that all I got was lip...especially from the little guy.

Maples…so full of sap sometimes.

So I’m not going out there.

I’ll just wait.

They can’t hold out forever.

Can they?

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