Monday, January 14, 2013

Day’s n Confused

It’s Monday and to be honest I’m writing this on Friday.

Okay…that’s not exactly honest because I’m really writing this on Sunday, trying to make you think it’s Friday, which I want you to think is Monday, which by the time you read this it will be.

Unless you have one of about 70 gazillion better things to do before reading this and then it’s anybody’s guess what day it is for you….let alone year

But I had meant to write this on Friday, so I could make you think I wrote it on Monday…super early in the morning.

But I didn’t…instead I took down my outside Christmas decorations, which you would think shouldn’t preclude me writing this on Friday…even if it really is supposed to be Monday.


I know.


Okay…that’s not true either. I actually took down my outside Christmas light on Thursday, but I just told you I did it on Friday, which was supposed to be my excuse for not writing this, when I was supposed to…on Friday.

But I hadn’t planned on writing anything on Thursday so taking down my outside Christmas lights on Thursday didn’t interfere with anything…except my walking.

It started to rain on Thursday while I was taking down my outside Christmas lights, so I wasn’t able to get my walk in before the rain, which I may or may not have been able to do if I hadn’t taken down my outside Christmas lights…on Thursday…before the rain, when I hadn’t planned on writing anything.

But I needed an excuse as to why I didn’t write Mondays post—this one actually—on Friday, and that was all I had.

So you can’t believe everything you read in these things.

It’s kind of manipulative, not to mention deceptive…but I just mentioned it, so there you go with even more hypocrisy.


It’s not all bad though, since I am a trained professional…sort of.

So I know how to write Monday, even if it is a Friday, or a Sunday, which was supposed to be Friday.

I just place myself in a Monday state of mind and off I go.

Really, not that hard.

Kind of like time travel…except only your mind gets to go.

Which makes a little sense, at least to me because just the other day I was having some funky problem with my office desktop computer. So I had to use that Windows “System Restore” thing that somehow sends your computer back into the past, before you did the things to it that screwed it up in the first place.

So I ended up back on December 29th, and have been catching up ever since.

Which maybe explains some things.

Or maybe it doesn’t.

Truth is none of this make any sense at all.

That part I know.

But I had the hope that some scholarly types might read it and think it’s really a genius work of self-parody and absurdism utilizing a didactic or non-didactic—per your point of view—paradigm to express the futility of human comprehension of the transient nature of time versus space in regard to purchasing a time share in Boca. 

Which you’re certainly welcome to do, and who am I to say if you’re wrong.

Other than the guy who wrote the silly nonsense in the first place.

You’re probably smarter than me anyway.

Besides it’s a Monday, and who can tell anybody anything on a Monday...even if it is a Sunday…that’s supposed to be a Friday pretending to be Monday.


Retort to the Retort -

“Is there anybody alive out there…”