Wednesday, January 2, 2013


How can it be January 2nd...already?


Gotta go.


I'm am soooooooooooo far behind….



  1. it's an epidemic...and i can't seem to find my running shoes... for the last two weeks. ;0)
    happy new year, brian!

  2. Same to you and yours, Nicole!

    Did you check on your feet? I found my keys in my socks...the ones I was wearing...obviously...although one time I found them in someone else's socks, which was awkward.

  3. my feet are still in slippers but i told them they will do at least two miles today...on the treadmill. the 26 degrees will not make my running feet happy. :0)
    whatever it takes.
    so glad you found your keys! you must have some big socks to fill.


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