Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lazy January - If Not Now When?


January is a lazy month for a lot of people.

Even me.
Well…most months are lazy months for me.

But don’t get me wrong…I don’t mean lazy as in lying around in bed until noon every day.

That’s crazy, not lazy.

I only lie around in bed until noon every other day.

Days like today I’m up at 5:30 AM.

Don’t ask me why….

I couldn’t tell you, if you did.

I guess I just have too many messy things running around in my head when I wake up.

Like if my new shipment of ideas arrived overnight.

It didn’t….

But you don’t need me to tell you that….

You’re probably wondering…if I have so many messy things running around in my head, why I don’t just write about those.

The short answer is, because they’re not all that interesting, and they’re only messy because I see them as messy, and they’re probably no messier than the things running around in your own head.

I guess that wasn’t so short.


So here I sit, comfortably wrapped in the dark of a brand new January morning gazing out my window at the perfect sliver of a waning moon.

The light of Venus articulates its own thoughts just off to the side.

At least I think it’s Venus.

Isn’t it always Venus?

Anyway, that’s what I mean about January being a lazy month.

It lends itself to these types of early mornings bolstered by a cup of coffee and a ceiling of crystal stars chattering up above.

Not to mention the folks on “Morning Joe” chattering in HD.

Apparently the Republicans are critical of something the President did or said.

Odd…I know.

Perusing the internet, I troll for items of interest.

My horoscope says…“Determination won't, on its own, get you everything you want, nor will a commitment to positive thinking.”

Sighhhhhhhh…you don’t have to tell me twice.

Notre Dame got crushed by Alabama.

The gods must be angry…but everyone else is okay.

Drinking a beer or two a day is good for your joints

Ahhhhhhhhh….you don’t have to tell me twice.

And here I see my "Department of Blogging and Highway Maintenance" buddy, Marotta from "Exit Only", down the hall, is telling everyone that she’s going to start changing things up by slacking off more often and not feeling so obsessed about getting something posted every day.

 Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat…..

Slacking off...?

Back off, Marotta…that’s my thing!

And stop washing out my coffee cup when I leave it on the counter in the break room!

Actually, I feel kind of responsible for this new found indolent attitude.

I think I may have planted the seed in her head…maybe just a little.

Maybe because I’m constantly whining to her about how hard it is to keep in front of this thing; to constantly try to stay on top of your game and not just throw slop on the table by mixing a hundred different metaphors in the hopes of propping up your word count.

Maybe because I’m constantly expressing amazement at how she maintains the thousand different balls she throws up in the air EVERYDAY, and still manages to churn out 4 to 5 hundred new words on most of those days, in addition to the butter.

That I tell her how I would need to be hospitalized if I did half the things she did in a day.

How was I to know she was paying attention?

No one else does….

So now all the Marotta Marauders are mad at me for messing up a good thing.

For infusing her with slothfulness, instead of her infusing me with exuberance.

Oh, I know…it’s really not such a bad thing this cutting back.

I’d do it myself if it were possible to cut back any more than I already do.

I mean a person has every right to sit in the window and read a book…at least after every soul has been saved—twice—and put to bed.

But somehow I just can’t imagine the Blogging Queen spending a day sitting in the sun, straightening her hair (she apparently doesn’t need curlers), puffing on something suspicious while downing a fifth, or even a sixth, of scotch.

Vodka…maybe…but definitely not scotch.

So I’m a little bit dubious as to how this will all play out.

But I’m also of a mind that writing less often leads to writing more…more of what you want, more of what you like and more of what the reader likes. 

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Besides, it’s January.

If not now…when?

Well, okay…I guess there’s February…March…April….


  1. i envy both of you, my pencil is stuck in the mud. happy january.

    1. Some of the best ideas are found in the mud. Keep scratching and something will turn up. Happy Jan to you too…glad you found your sneakers!

    2. i feel so uninspired to look at my pictures or to write, the two things i usually love to do... what's happening???

  2. Hey this is ME!
    Brian: I drink Rye whiskey. I would never drink scotch. I'm Irish


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