Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Sunday Archive of Retort - 3/2/12

Mad About March

First post in a while so I thought it'd be appropriate to dig into the archives—appropriate at least to me—since it's Sunday and all and structure is important.

I've been sorting through a lot stuff these last couple of out the cobwebs...throwing away whatever's old and in the way.

Even straightened up my office a little.

I never thought I'd see those floppy discs again...I mean the ones that really are floppy.

Anyway, after all that I find myself pretty much right where I left off...which is good I think...maybe.

So to celebrate the arrival of March and hopefully better weather, here from March 3, 2012—when the weather was apparently quite a bit better—is:

"Mad About March"





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  1. And the same thing about licenses. I never agree unless I've lined up a good lawyer. A friend tells me always to get a Jewish lawyer and an Italian doctor. Did you ever? I actually have the opposite.


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