Sunday, September 14, 2014

Still Summer?

It’s still summer, at least for a little while, but the telltale signs of autumn are making themselves known.

The earth has begun its annual tilt-a-whirl away from the sun, up here in the northern part of the globe.

I mean, I think that’s what it does…who knows.

All I know is, the morning dew has become a little bit thicker, the air a little bit cooler, the afternoon shadows a little bit longer, the fallen leaves beneath my feet a little bit crunchier…and the porch lights come on quite a bit earlier than they did just a month ago.

That, plus the hair on my neighbor’s back is starting to bush up again.

All signs that change is coming…and coming fast.

Despite the 90 degree heat and humidity that creeps back in, every once and while.  But why should I let reality stand in the way of a storyline?


Not that I have a story line. I rarely do. Should I really start changing things now?

Because the truth is, I don’t really know what I mean to say here.

I just know I had to throw on a pair of sweat pants this morning, to cover up my badly goose bumped legs.

First time my legs have been covered up since sometime in June, despite the constant haranguing of certain friends and neighbors.

Hey…it’s not my fault my knobby knees and patches of unchecked leg hair form images that may or may not be appropriate for all ages…especially middle aged women.  

I don’t know what that means either, and to be honest, it’s not really true, which means I lied, so why would you even believe that I’m being honest now, anyway.

Because I said so?

Okay…suit yourself.

I told you I had no idea of a story line here.

So I guess that’s pretty easy to believe.

But if I did have a point, it would be that the world turns…time passes…seasons change…and if we have any hope of maintaining some sort of equilibrium we need to change right along with it.

Attitude, outlook, perception…even long pants.

Adapt and move on.

Summer is tired, quietly slipping into the south.

Fall is fresh, standing in the wings…pumpkins at the ready…crisp days waiting for unwrapping.

Long nights unfolding…warm fires kindling.

Hot chocolates brewing…chestnuts roasting.

Leaf suckers sucking.

All on the way.

Everything in its time….in its place…including all of us.

Knobby knees and all.

 I guess I’m ready.

I have my long pants on….but only sweat pants

Not sure if my jeans will fit…not yet.

It was a pretty long summer….

It sill is.

At least for a little while....


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  1. I gave in and dragged out my sweats to go walking this morning, since yesterday I kept layering and layering 'til I looked like a ragamuffin. I've decided that tomorrow the gloves come out and maybe even a knitted headband to warm my cold ears in the early morn as I walk. Here in Michigan, we always say "if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes" ... but this year it is excessively so.

    1. Don't give up hope...but's cold here in the mornings too, My motto: Keep the shorts alive... at least until you get frostbit knees....

  2. those darn jeans..... they were screaming yesterday after being ignored for many months! but the birkenstocks are still in use.... and my feet haven't expanded, thankfully.

    1. Still keeping the shorts close. I'm hoping once I peel off a few layers of tan, the jeans will fit again....

    2. after getting heckled by the scale (that i haven't looked at in months) and then by my favorite (not fitting fat jeans), i decided it's time for the scotch tape diet....

    3. And if that doesn't work you can just go with just the scotch diet, in which nothing matters anyway...


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