Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Snow Motion

The first “significant” snow of the season arrived over the least around here.

If you’re not from around “here” and you're from around “there” then maybe it didn’t...or it already had.

Hard to say.

Besides, “significant” is only a measurement relative to the eye of the beholder.

And if you’re actually holding your eye to measure the depth of the snow outside your door, you’re probably one of the Zombies from across the street.

If you live up in the Snowbelt area, aside from the annoyance of a wet waist line, you probably think 10-27 inches of the white stuff is nothing.

Ha...get it...a wet waist line because your belt is made of snow...hahaha...get it?


Anyway, in my estimation, we accumulated about 10 inches. 14 if you go by my neighbor who tends to exaggerate the size of just about everything...if you know what I mean.


I’m taking about his so called “prize” eggplant and zucchini crop he brags about, every summer.

What did you think I was talking about?

It seems, depending on where you live, the snow totals varied drastically.

Some people had just a dusting and others a mere 20 miles south, east, west or north had up to 30 inches.

Even within the same town, reports went from below average to well above.

So “significant” varies.

Still, everyone, also in my estimation, despite the complaints secretly enjoys a good old fashion blizzard.

Something about it just opens a door to the past.

We’ll stand by the window, nose pressed firmly against the glass, watching it all swirl and swoosh around the yard in snow motion, same as when we were 6 years old; minds revisiting and rebuilding every snow fort and snowman created by our very own frozen, little hands.

Buckled galoshes, snowsuits, all accentuated with frostbit ears despite our ear flapped hats and earmuffs; flexible flyers racing down the highest hill we could find.

How can we not travel back to those days as we watch the drifts pile up alongside our driveways?

But now we’re grownups and instead of  snowballs and snowangels, we worry about things like how our supply of Winter Lager is holding up and when will we be able to get out and pick up another case...or two...or three. Oh...and are those power cables down the street really supposed to bounce like that...with or without all the pretty sparks?

So we keep ourselves busy during the storm, I suppose to keep our minds off such things.

Well, actually, Z’s the one who keeps herself busy by assigning tasks to herself such as cleaning out drawers and cabinets.

“Do you really need this weird little white thing with the funny squiggles and odd looking hook?”

“I don’t know...what’s it for?”

“You’re asking me?”

“Hmmmm...maybe we should keep it, in case we need it for something, some day?”

She’ll also take down all the curtains, wash, iron and put them back up, which I really appreciate because without the curtains you can really enjoy the storm that much more.

And of course I’m not without my own important storm related duties...testing all the buttons on the cable remote for one. 

Hey, those things will freeze up on you if you don’t keep them moving. 

Then where would we be?

At the same time, since I’m not adverse to multi-tasking, I’ll scan all the channels—that’s right...ALL—to make sure the snow and wind isn’t wreaking havoc with the transmissions.

Hey...somebody has to be up on that wall keeping watch for everyone else, no matter what the conditions... why not me?

I can handle the truth...most of the time...unless it has to do with what really goes on in those secret tunnels under Disneyland.

And in this way we persevere through the day and on into the night.

Until the next morning when the big dig out occurs, which to be honest is actually the most enjoyable part of it all.

To watch Z cut through a five foot drift like a buzz saw is a thing of beauty.

Which is why I get up early...I don’t want to miss a second of it...from the window upstairs.



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  1. from the window has the best view of the shoveling....

    1. How better to see all the missed spots?

    2. Oh yes! As a teenager, I used to watch from the window as my two siblings shoveled snow, all the while complaining to
      dad about me. He said: "She is a tea and crumpets girl." That's what the family called me ever after. But payback time arrived a long time ago. for I have shoveled out after many a Nor'easter throughout the years. Hey, even at 89! My sister lives in FL. and hasn't shoveled snow in a long, long time. My late brother (Rasputin) lived in VA where they have lotsa snow right now.

    3. I figured you to be a tough and tumble shoveler, Crumpets! I'll leave one out by the door for you next time....

    4. I think this may be the first time I've ever'd been Pshawed....


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