Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day...Well on Our Way

It’s already the second day of February—Groundhog Day for those who observe—and 2016 is well on its way.

At some point this morning folks in various locales around the country will or will have already gone through the motions of annoying an oversized rodent who will predict or will have already predicted if we are to have more or less winter to come in some length or another.

I could have saved them all the trouble, including the rodent, since I’m fairly certain that we will indeed have quite a bit more winter, at least up until the early morning hours of March 20.

Yeah...I know. I’m taking all the fun out of it.

Groundhog Day is just one of those things we do to pass the time and lighten the mood as we meander through these, the most boring days of the year.

Not that this winter has been all that difficult to endure, as winters go.

I mean who can complain about a 70 degree Christmas Eve?

Well, of course I can...but that was only because I couldn’t find my favorite Santa shorts, the ones with the fur lined waistband.

All in all, January was pretty uneventful, except for last week’s, “significant” snow event that has pretty much already melted away.

But most Januarys are pretty uneventful and unappreciated in any given year.

A lot of people go through the post-holiday blues in January.

Their drooping faces still in recovery mode, sore from all that cheerful holiday smiling and well wishing.

Then of course all the “Happy New Year-ing” takes its toll in January, as well.

Is it finally safe, now that February has arrived, to assume everyone feels sufficiently happy new year-ed?

Even the Super Bowl bailed on January and tucked itself neatly into February.

It seems no one wants any part of January, because even though they’re both “Wary” months folks just feel a little more positive about February.

Daylight stretches noticeably further into the early evening.

Trees and shrubs revealing new growth.

All signs that indeed spring is just around the bend...with or without the Groundhog’s permission.

Still, we’re far from out of the winter woods; February, and even March, likes to toy with us meteorologically from time to time.

Just when we think we’re out...they pull us back in...!

Or something like that.

I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say, here.

So if I’m not, why should you.

But that’s pretty par for the course.

Which has something to do with golf and absolutely nothing to do with February...let alone Groundhogs.

But hey, it’s still the middle of winter; dry elbow season, along with all those other itchy parts.

It’s hard to make sense of anything.

Just like the presidential candidates.

And what the hell is a caucus...really, do I need to know about this...is it going to be on the test?

But the good news is they start shooting the new Gilmore Girls today...with or without Sookie...so we’re well on our way.

Winter, spring, summer and fall.

And you don’t even have to call.

2016...it’ll be there...at least for the next 11 months.

And hopefully so will we.

Maybe even the groundhog...unless they drop him again....


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  1. i saw that the groundhog bit the guy on the ear... that's what he gets for aggravating the poor animal!! hahahhaha karma....


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