Monday, January 23, 2012

First Snow

So we finally had our first shovelable snow on Saturday.

I mean since the official start of the winter season.

That’s how I measure snow fall: whether or not you have to take the snow shovel out.

I was actually hoping that maybe this would be one of those years when I didn’t, but I guess that’s a fools dream this time of year.

But hey, we almost made it through all of January. Not too shabby. And while we did get a good 5 or 6 inches outside my door, it was of the soft, fluffy variety; you could almost blow it away.

Not like last year when there were days that you had to dig in layers just to crack through to the sidewalk. It snowed so often that I just left the shovels outside the door all winter.

Last year, shoveling snow was like brushing your teeth; something you just did every day without thinking about it.

So this year we we’re spoiled…or I was.

At least I didn’t lose my phone again , or bury the neighbor’s cat …I mean not as deep as last year.

And there is something cool about seeing a landscape of white this time of year, especially after the extended season of green we’ve had.

There’s not much of a moon right now, so we miss out on that frosty glow at night, but still it glows—day or night---just like a Monet.

And still it needs to be shoveled…

Shovelable snow….

Z was biting at the bit to get out there the second she saw it slowing down, about noon. My neighbor had jumped the gun and was already out there; this irked Z to no end because she fancies herself the queen of snow removal.  I think, at times, there is actual drool involved when she sees the plow go by.  

How dare someone else get out there before her….

But I quickly pointed out the fool’s errand of going out too soon as my impetuous neighbor’s driveway had already developed another serious layer of fluff.

Just to make sure, I threw a couple of heavy folders full of year end paperwork that need to be sorted through and organized at her.  The stuff I'd been putting off for the last 3 weeks.

Kind of manipulative of me, I admit, because to Z, the Shark, that’s like throwing meat into shallow water.  I knew she couldn’t resist tackling it. 

I hated doing it…but she needed to be restrained.

Then, after an hour or so, and lunch, we finally bundled up and went out. I had barely cleared off the top of the garbage cans, when Z had already zipped clean the front walk and was already halfway down the driveway.  By the time I made it to the driveway, the cars were stripped bare of any semblance of snow or ice and I saw more snow being heaved off the back deck.

I know you think I’m kidding, but Z is really like the Road Runner when it comes to snow….


I actually wrote about it way back in May, in one of my first pieces. 

I know…why was I writing about Z and snow in May?  Hey, I was new to this stuff.  I was confused. I just wrote what popped into my head.

From, I WANT AN EXPLANATION!!!  - May 26, 2011

Snowy days are the worst since my wife has a love/hate relationship with snow. She loves it on weekends and holidays but hates it during the week. I guess maybe because she has to drive through the slop, down to the Bronx and back, while I, as I said, have about a 12 step commute (notice it keeps getting longer?). 

After a large overnight snowfall, she's been known to pop out of bed at 5 AM, speak in tongue, run down the stairs, grab a shovel, bolt out the door and immediately start shoveling, long before the sun comes up.  

But she really enjoys it…at least that’s what I tell myself…and my neighbors

So winter has officially arrived; I guess it’s entitled.  Not like that sneaky back door entry it tried to make back in October. 

And, from what I hear, by this afternoon the snow should pretty much be a memory, done in by 50 degree temps.

Ahhhh….snow…can’t live with you…can’t live without you.

Well, yeah…for the most part I can. 

But stop back again, preferably on the weekend. 

Just don’t plan on staying too long…and bring Gin.

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