Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Groundhog Daydreaming

So February is here and we’re deep in the heart of winter now; really well past the point of no return…if you wanted to return.

But you can’t, so get over it.

Down under, in a parallel hemisphere, it’s their equivalent of our august, and you know how we all start to whine when august comes around these parts.

“I can’t believe the summers almost over!”

The funny thing is, you never hear anyone saying that about the winter when February rolls around.  But yeah…the winter is almost over.

And so far so good. 

We’ve only had about 6 or 7 inches of snow, most of which came in one insignificant snow fall a couple of weeks ago.

So that’s good.

The average temperatures have been higher than normal, or at least higher than the last few years.

So that’s good too.

But the most significant portent of winter’s demise always arrives on Feb. 2nd, when a hairy little rodent emerges from its hole, takes a look around, then either goes back to bed, or heads out for a coffee and a bagel.

No…I’m not talking about my old college roommate, although the similarities are remarkable.

I’m talking about the Groundhog, but more specifically, I’m talking about Groundhog Day…the real thing…not the movie.

Groundhog Day is big doings around here. In fact most any holiday is big doings around here.

Carrying on the holiday decorating tradition established by her mom and her mom before, Z decorates our abode with all the proper adornments that befit each and every occasion.

So, while you might think that February ushers in a plethora of hearts and cupids, you would be right, but not before the brief but tasteful array of Groundhog paraphernalia we’ve collected through the years.

You know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you have much the same at your house.
The Groundhog front door wreath, tablecloth, mugs, candles, pillows…assorted Groundhog kchatchies on the mantle.

Not to mention our own personal little prognosticator named Shadow, who, lets face it, has it a lot easier than your average GH.
All in all, iIt’s really quite impressive.....

Most people are familiar with probably the most notable of Groundhogs, Punxsutawney Phil, made famous in the Bill Murray movie…”Groundhog Day”.

Or I should say “more” famous since Phil was pretty popular among Groundhog enthusiasts long before the film.

And of course there are lots of other Groundhogs around, such as New York’s own Staten Island Chuck, who not only saw his shadow a few years back, but was so annoyed about being dragged so unceremoniously from his hole that he took a bite out of the mayor. 

I think he was in the middle of watching his cousin, Malverne Mel, being interviewed by Al Roker on the Today Show, so who could blame him.

Don’t tell Z, but personally, I think the whole Groundhog system is flawed.  I mean how reliable could it actually be?

The groundhog comes out of his hole, or nowadays his duplex hovel, and if it’s sunny and bright he sees his shadow and runs back inside, which means…6 more weeks of winter.

If it’s overcast and gloomy, he comes running out to play, which means winter is just about done.

Seems a little backwards to me. 

Unless of course this is a very sullen, anti-social, despondent Groundhog who dreads any sort of nice, spirit lifting, life affirming weather.

Or he’s a writer….

In any case, it's the only system we have at the moment, and until some other rodent wants to step up, like a porcupine or a mongoose, which I'm not even sure is a rodent, but know from experience they definitely don't like to be lumped into that categorybut who does, except rats and nobody is going to listen to a ratuntil then, we have to go with what we have.

It's not like we can actually predict the weather or anything. 


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