Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Giant Close

So the Giants have put another routine ho hum Super Bowl in the books.

It was actually quite an exciting night.

I’ll admit, there were a lot of nerves rattling out there, even before the kickoff…
I was on my second beer before the coin toss.

Never a good sign.

It was a night of ups and downs but things got off to a promising start…the Fritos were of the preferred Scoops variety, not the standard size. 

Even so, we found ourselves getting a little complacent…until the hot wings came out.  Then we picked up the pace. 

Pretty soon we were in position to take control, but found ourselves backed up by a big penalty.

 Illegal use of wings without blue cheese. 

Of course we challenged the call, but on further review the penalty was upheld.    

Just bad luck really. Who’d a thought we’d run out of blue cheese.

By the time the pigs in blankets appeared we started feeling pretty confident again…until someone spilled the mustard just before halftime and suddenly we found ourselves in an unexpected hole.

Nevertheless we huddled up at halftime and dug into the big sandwiches to regroup.

This did seem to help us get our legs back under us and we stormed out to start the second half.

Unfortunately the 3 pounds of potato salad and coleslaw I ingested with my big sandwich didn’t totally agree with me, and while the spirit was willing, the stomach was weak, so there was another slight set back.

As was the case most of the season, there was a late 4th quarter rally, which included apple and pumpkin pie, not to mention the ice cream and brownies.

It was close the whole way but in the end we finally finished it all off with coffee and Sambuca.

To be honest, It could have gone either way, and nothing was really decided until the very last tick of the clock…and even then, it was still up in the air.

But I have to admit, I kind of felt like it was in the bag all the way. 

And I was right…I left the six pack I brought with me in the bag, in the car, so I ended up taking it back home.

So that was a definite win….

At least for me.

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