Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still at an Impasse

I’m still at an impasse with Wednesday.  I thought you’d like to know.


I never thought it would drag out this long either, but that’s how these things go sometimes.

It actually looked like we might have a deal, late last night. My people and Wednesday’s people have been working around the clock to get this thing done, but when it was presented to Wednesday, it just walked out of the room…with attitude.

See what we’re dealing with?

And we’ve been nothing but generous with our proposals, especially when you consider we really shouldn’t even be negotiating at all.

We even put full dental on the table, which I know is important to Wednesday.  Especially after the comment made by Friday at the Christmas party this past year.

But I’m not getting into that now.  It was hard enough dealing with it then.

And I thought I was very reasonable when I even entertained the notion of changing its name to the much cooler “Hump Day” that Wednesday threw out there early on.  Not that I would ever do it.  Sure, in its normal usage, as in being over the hump of the week, it’s not a problem.  But I could tell by the look in Wednesday’s eye what it was hoping to convey. 

But we’re just not about that kind of thing here, and Wednesday knows that. It was just testing me. It was just happy I considered it…at least in its mind.

“Hump Day….”

Z had enough problems as it was with my mention of public urination…she’s going to let me go with “Hump Day”?

So, basically, once we had the new compensation package worked out, the rest was just a formality…at least in my mind. Then Wednesday starts talking about not only having creative control again, but actually writing its own material, saying any moron can do what I do.

That’s when my people jumped in and made the point of saying that not just any moron can write this stuff…it took a very specific moron…to which I took  offense.

Then Wednesday backed off, but just a bit, and agreed to let me write the first draft, but it still wanted final edit…plus a byline.

That’s where I drew the line, and that’s when Wednesday stormed out.

So that’s where we are with Wednesday.

I know this is disturbing to all you Wednesday people, but what else can I do?  I even offered 4 weeks off in the summer.  If I cave in to Wednesday’s demands where does it stop?  As it is I’m already losing money on Friday’s never ending medical expenses not to mention Monday’s tuition reimbursement?

Enough is enough.

Stay strong…we’ll get through this.


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  1. ha ha ! Love the cartoon! Thanks to Z for standing against Hump Day :-)


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