Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Everyone Wants to Blame Wednesday


Hello….this is Wednesday.

Sorry…I’m not real good at this, but I thought I’d better speak to you directly.

I know you’ve been hearing a lot of things about me the last couple of weeks; a lot of things that just aren’t true.

First of all, let’s correct the record.  None of this is on me…none of it.

I’m not the bad day I’ve been made out to be.  I’m a normal day, just like any other day.

Well, maybe not Thursday. Thursday is a little…well…let’s just say “confused”.

Thursday doesn’t know what it wants to be: mid-week or pre-weekend.

It’s been trying to position itself as the real day to start celebrating the weekend since way back in college.

It just can’t accept the fact that it’s just the boring mid-week day that it is.

Kind of sad actually.

But I’m not here to talk about Thursday. I’m here to talk about the truth…the truth about the shabby treatment I’ve been getting around here for quite some time now.

AND all the misconceptions and lies that are being spread around out there by a management that has been, quite frankly, less than upfront with you.

First of all, I have never asked for creative control of any kind. Nor would I expect any.  Why would I…because I’m so special?

I mean, I am...more so than any of the other days, but that’s just because I am kind of the central hub of the whole week.

Do you really think Tuesday could handle that responsibility?  Tuesday…?

And is there any other day of the week that spells itself as “elegantly” as Wednesday?

How many other days have silent letters in them?  Saturday…Sunday…? 

I think not.

Plus, what good would creative control over any of this drivel do anyway?

What kind of topics have I’ve been getting to work with lately? 

Leap Day? Yeah…that’s original.

Reincarnation? Please….

Angry Suns? Yeah…okay….that makes a lot of sense.

Shopping forToothbrushes?  Sure everyone is interested in that…and that's just this past February!.

AND I NEVER said anything about wanting to be referred to as “Hump Day”! 


And if I did, it was strictly rhetorical….

So maybe now you can see my point.  All I’m looking for is a little better creative effort. Effort that’s befitting the day around all others revolve.

And consider this…maybe…just maybe…this management doesn’t want to resolve this issue at all.

Maybe this management just wants to lighten its load and is trying to lay all that at my day bed by painting me as uncooperative. Maybe management just wants to get rid of me no matter what?

So maybe that’s what this has really been about all along.

Did you ever consider that?

Well, I think you should….

But no…everyone wants to blame Wednesday.

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