Wednesday, September 12, 2012

' Cation Check In

Don’t have much in the way of a retort today. 

I was going to put up a re-run, but then I thought I’d give a quick update, just so you'd know we’re not rotting on the bottom of a ravine in the woods somewhere…at least not any more

We were finally able to climb out once the bear showed us the way.

Long story….

Anyway…we’re still staying…still cationing.

We decided to stick close to home and forgo straying, since we may be off for a long weekend in October to the beach.

Not made of money, you know.

Not even made of coupons.

But we’ve been busy.

So far we've gotten to know some new tiger cubs at the zoo, plus the parking guy who chased us down in my desired lot…but apparently not his.

 It worked out okay though, once I promised it wouldn’t happen again.

I told him we didn’t know about parking rules in Idaho…plus I promised to send him a pound of potatoes.

We also went on the Fahnestock State Park death march, where we became fast friends with all the folks on the Appalachian trail.

Those folks sure know how to play the banjo.

But 4 hours later we were back in our car heading for ice cream…once we could straighten out our backs.

And today, a trip to visit Mr. Monet’s gardens.

So, like I said, it’s been busy and hopefully I’ll have a lot to say at a future date.

Well, as usual I have a lot to say now but Z is yelling up the stairs that the lobsters have escaped out the back door…so I better go.

Gotta love the stay…uh, vacation that you stay at home…..


Retort to the Retort -

“Is there anybody alive out there…”