Monday, September 10, 2012

Throwing it Out There

I’m just gonna throw this out there.

We’re on vacation this week.

Well, Z is on vacation…I’m just on a busier schedule.

We’re not going anywhere, though; just doing some day trippy kinds of things. What people like to call a “Staycation”…people other than us.

We’re not calling it that this year. 

Too trendy.

Like certain types of eyebrows.

We did it last year…the “Staycation” thing…not the eyebrows.

I’m not even sure what the eyebrow reference is about.

Just one of those things I throw out there and hope nobody notices doesn’t make sense.

But you’re probably used to that.

I’ve trained you well.

So this year we’re just calling it like it is: a vacation where we stay close to home.

Probably just go on a few outings, here and there.  Possibly an overnight somewhere, too.  A slight stray from the stay, just like we did in Massachusetts last year, which I still can’t spell without a spelling aid of some sort.

We talked about jetting to the French Riviera, but the French are still annoyed with me about that thing.  

Or a quick stop off in Dubai…except that Amir is also apparently holding a grudge.

Brazil…still not speaking to that girl from Impanema

Belize…Florence…Monaco…St. Barts…or maybe take the express in Marrakech again….

Yeah, yeah, yeah….

Way overrated.

So instead we’ll go to the Bronx Zoo….

Botanical Gardens….

The beach….

Hike in the woods….

The old standbys.

Doesn’t take much to amuse us.

Give us a tiger and some raw meat and we’re good.

I’m actually looking forward to the Botanical Gardens; they’ve had a summer long exhibit on the Gardens of Monet. I assume that means they scooped the whole thing up and brought it over here.

Water lilies, bridges…the whole shebang.

Amazing the things they can do these days.

Must have used a big old truck.

Plus, I still get to avoid the French…except for the fries. Can’t avoid the fries, no matter how much I try.

Like I said, we’re still contemplating an overnight someplace.

Last year we spent a couple of days getting Concord and Sturbridge in order.

The funny thing is they didn’t realize they were out of order.

New Englanders…my peeps!

Actually I’m almost a New Englander myself.

Bet you didn’t know that.

Yep, I live less than a mile away from the Connecticut border, what they call “The Gateway to New England”.

So if I go to McDonalds or Subway, I’m a New Englander.

If I go to KFC…not so much.

Then I’m just a plain old New Yawker.

Anyway, at least the rain’s stopped and it’s gonna be a pretty nice week. I guess the Universe is cutting me a break…or at least cutting Z a break.

Z  has her own deal with the Universe, which was a smart move on her part.  No one wants to be tied into my deal.

So if I stick close to Z, it confuses the Universe and I get the good weather too.

Unless I take a ride up to New England for a Big Mac…then all bets are off.

Or get my eye brows threaded, which I keep threatening to do, but don’t, cuz I don’t know exactly what that is. Let alone what color thread to get….

See…I threw the eyebrow thing out there again.

Did you notice?

Okay…I know it’s time to go when I bring up eyebrows twice in one story.

I should have some better stuff to write about as the week progresses. However, if it progresses too well, then I might not have time to write it all up and keep to schedule.

So if I’m MIA for a few days that will be why.

And If I’m ROSE, then that would just be weird.


And I know, it’s not like I think you’ll be out there waiting. I know you have better things to do, like rinsing out your socks or emptying the de-humidifier.

Speaking of which.

I gotta go change the goldfish.

I know….

They’re not even my goldfish….

Just throwing it out there….

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  1. I always burp them right after I change them. The goldfish.


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