Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Descends

It seems fall descended on us over the weekend.

I know because Z changed out the summer pillow for the fall pillow, along with the rest of the seasonal décor.

We live in a very seasonal environment, so I’m always aware of the time of year.

But all is cool…I mean both literally and in a Maynard G. Krebbs “Far Out, Daddio!” kind of way.
The days are warm enough that I think I can still sneak a few modified beach days in, now and again, through October…maybe.

Modified in that, this time of year, the days are literally shrinking.  Time is at a premium; the sun moves quicker across the sky, shadows are longer…it just instills a more contemplative, quiet mood, fueled by contemplative, quiet thoughts.

Like…Maybe it really is time for beef stew this Sunday.

Should I swap out the Gin & Tonics, for Rum & Coke…or give it a few more weeks?

Maybe martinis are the way to go, now.

Would I need to buy an ascot?

But that could just be the way I think…not you.

Any way you cut it…it’s time to get ready for a long winter’s night, which is just around the corner.

I’d like to say, I hope it stays there, but I can’t since it doesn’t coincide with my new philosophy of embracing all the seasons.

And I’m not talking about the 3 Season sisters, who live up the street, mostly because that would be wrong…even if they are in their 80’s.

No, I mean my new philosophy of taking each day as it comes and whatever comes with it…even if it means those guys who want to clean my chimney and pave my driveway…you know…just because they’re gonna be in the neighborhood anyway.

It’s time to move on and break out the rust colored sweaters and t-necks.

Time to sharpen the rakes, can the corn and chase the squirrels off my lawn…. 

Have you noticed? 

The squirrels are getting more and more nuts every day.

I mean literally getting nuts and burying them just about anywhere they can think of…well, as much as a thing can think with an almond sized brain.

I actually found a nut hidden in the BBQ this morning. How a squirrel got the cover off and the top open I’ll never know.  Maybe the squirrels have been having BBQ’s during the day when no one’s around.

And aside from actually gathering nuts for the winter, they’re actually getting nutty and nuttier as the days grow shorter. 

They zig and zag all across the lawn, up the tree then down. They don’t always quite seem to know exactly where they’re going and why they wanted to get there in the first place. 

Kind of like me about 10 PM, when I go into the kitchen and stand there wondering why it is I had come in there in the first place. But I usually solve that by opening the refrigerator door and just staring into it until it comes to me.

If it doesn’t come to me, I just fix myself a bowl of ice cream, because 90% of the time that’s what I came in for. Then as I sit down and start eating the ice cream I suddenly remember that I had really meant to go to the bathroom and not the kitchen at all.

But at least I got ice cream.

So I don’t begrudge the squirrels their insanity.

But I do begrudge them their aggressive behavior, especially when they chase me out of the yard.  They must think I’m peeking and will come back later and take one of their silly little nuts.

Like I need one of their dumb squirrel nuts.

I’d rather take their iPhones.

Don’t ask me what that means…I’m as nutty as the squirrels these days.

I guess it all comes with the territory.

Just another sign….

Fall descends….

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