Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Ignored

I’m ignoring Labor Day this year.


I’m gonna give it a try.

Other than the nuisance factor of allowing all these extra people to wander around out on the streets today, it really doesn’t make any difference to me.

And really, when you think about it, all it does is depress people.

Kids are depressed cuz they have to go back to school.

Adults are depressed cuz it makes them think about the long winter that’s looming ahead.

Everyone proclaims it…. “The unofficial end of summer”.

I mean think about that for a second.  Why would anyone consider something they enjoy that’s not officially ending for another 3 good weeks, over…unofficially?

Imagine sitting in a fancy restaurant eating a big juicy steak, whatever your preference might be, or sitting in a movie theatre enjoying a long anticipated blockbuster feature of your choosing. Suddenly, the waiter appears and takes your food away; the projectionist unexpectedly turns up the lights and stops the movie, long before it’s over. But that’s okay, you don’t complain; you just accept it…cuz it’s only unofficial.

Okay…I guess that’s a ridiculous analogy, but you know what I’m getting at.

Or maybe you don’t….

But it doesn’t matter, cuz this is all unofficial whining.

Labor Day makes everyone feel like they better break out the snow shovels.

So I’m ignoring it.

Just gonna keep cruising along in shorts until my knees turn blue.

Gonna keep watching seagulls fly over the ocean until the waves freeze over.

Gonna keep watching the sun go down from my back porch, even if it’s during lunch.

Believe me, I’ve got nothing against Labor Day; it’s a good tradition with a good intention,

But I like to finish the things on my plate and I like to see how the movie ends, officially or unofficially (still not getting it?) I like to let things run their natural course.

So it’s not happening this year…not for me.

I just can’t figure out why so many people are home on a Monday…..


From the Archive of Retort:
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  1. Or just before the big moment, a headache intervenes.

    1. You mean like when I open my electric bill each month???

  2. Heck, it's over before Labor Day out here. Kids went back to school mid August! They basically chop summer off at the knees- or at least somewhere between the knees and the ankles.

    1. Did they chop off the summer heat as well?

      Hey, those first graders out in the "Middle" need to start early so they can take the time off in October to bring in all that…hay….

    2. Publishers Clearing House arrives at your house with a check for $l00,000,000. It is made out to Joe Btfsplck. He lives next door.

    3. shorts as long as possible and birkenstocks till november. we will keep the sun in the sky.

    4. Thanks. Nicole. I appreciate your help. Although I’m not a fan of any kind of footwear that put my toes on display, even though I’ve been told I have nice ones. Even more reason to keep them to myself. Don’t want to distract anybody….


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