Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Sunday Archive of Retort - 12/9/11

Okay...well, this year's tree expedition is in the books...or more the garage, where all newly shorn trees, in our house, are sent to work out their anger issues, before being allowed in the door.

Hey, you'd be angry too if someone came along and suddenly uprooted you from the only life you've ever known.

But it's the Holiday Season, so...bygones.

Plus, once the tree sees how glammed up it's gettingnot to mention it's very own private Jacuzzi— the tree gets on board with the Holiday thing pretty quickly.

Hey, it's a tree...what choice does it

Anyway, since the decorating for this year's tree is still a day or two away...I thought you'd like to revisit this tale from 12/9/11:


The Tree is Up!





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