Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Sunday Archive of Retort - 7/2/12

Jaunting in July

Well, another 4th of July is in the books, as soggy as it was around these parts—hopefully not yours—and we finally got see our fireworks on the 5th since they were cancelled on the 4th when the rain doused the only match they had to light them…apparently. 
Which we all took in stride…well, maybe not all…but most.

But once desert was served, everyone was happy again.

So now we set sail into July, the fullest of summer months, when things really start to percolate.

It’s that time of year when families load up the car and head off to all kinds of exotic locations to rest and unwind. Places like Albany, NY, where my family spent many a Wednesday afternoon sitting by the pool at the Thruway Motel.


Hey, Disney World was just a gleam in Walt’s eye back then. You take what you can get….

From 7/2/12:

Jaunting in July   (click click)


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