Sunday, July 27, 2014

Slacking Summer Update

Thought I’d check in from Slacking Summer and see how everyone was getting along…you know just in case you noticed I hadn’t been around much.

You did notice, didn’t you?



Not even Bueller…my slacking idol?

But don’t think it’s been a total 100% Slacking Summer, non-effort.

I have put a bit of effort into a few essentials that needed doing.

I changed Summer Slacking into Slacking Summer, for one….just because I felt frisky that day.

I arranged my shoe closet in a more orderly fashion, from right to left…dirty sneakers on the left…less dirty sneakers in the middle…and only mildly marred sneakers on the right.

Wait…that would be left to right…wouldn’t it?

Damn…I’ll have to do it again.  

I arranged my blue jeans by color.

I separated my T-shirts from my Q-shirts…they never did get along.

I got rid of most of the socks and underwear that didn’t belong to me.

But like I said that was the essential stuff.

I’ve also committed myself to counting all the grains of sand on the beach, and not stopping until I do.

I’m up to 27…so I have to go back a few more times.

I’m also working on stopping a wave in mid-roll with my mind.

No luck so far, so there’s lots more work, there too.

I know….

It’s tough…but no one ever said Summer Slacking is easy…or even Slacking Summer.


Got to get back to it.

Until next time…whenever that know, because of the slacking....



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  1. What are your thoughts on Summer Snacking?
    I liked the part about the sneakers, and I might try that myself. But it might confuse anyone daring to peek into my closet.

    1. Unfortunately Summer Snacking and I are on the best of terms...either that or al of my shorts are mysteriously shrinking around the waist line. I also use the sorting by smell method with my sneakers, but only on humid days, of shih there have been way too many this year....

    2. I'm not sure what shih don't ask. My computer made it up....

    3. Probably has to do with the dog days of summer (shih tzu).


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