Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Waaaaay Too Many Choices

There are waaaaay too many choices these days.

Way too many….

Unless you choose to believe otherwise….

I can’t just have a phone that rings, anymore.

You know Riiiiiiiiiiing….

Simple clean; nothing fancy.


No…now I have to choose, what ring my phone makes, or even if it a rings at all.

Of course, I can also choose to have it vibrate instead of ring…which is weird…but kind of nice, especially when it’s in my pocket.


I mean once I choose my phone, of course.

And there are a lot to choose from.

In fact, I can’t just get a “phone”..nuh uh…not any more.

Now I have to get a “device”.

It’s more than a phone…it’s a “device”.

A phone “device”, an internet “device”, a digital imaging “device”, an mp3 “device”…even a “device” that will help me choose other “devices”.

That is unless I want to hold onto the device I already have and instead just choose some aps, for that device, to make it more…you know, applicable.

And once I have my device, either new or renewed, I can choose something to order for lunch through my device’s web browser…once I choose which one to use; IE, Chrome, Firefox…etc. etc….

And then I have to choose which search engine to use with that browser.

I mean before I can even think about what type of food I want for lunch.

Because there seems to be a lot more food choices out there today, as well.

I can’t just order Ham and Cheese anymore.

No, now I have to choose from Virginia Ham, Black Forrest Ham, Prosciutto or even The French ham known as Bayonne and the German Westphalian ham…and if I’m really feeling adventurous…Gabagoul.


Of course I could just go with Peanut butter and Jelly…but then do I choose, creamy or chunk…Grape or Strawberry…plum, raspberry blackberry boysenberry…or how about Guava, mango…and don’t forget pineapple.

How does one decide?

Or worse, how does two decide?

And don’t even think about three deciding….

Not gonna happen…not today….

Maybe on Wednesday…but not today.

I suppose I could and should just get a salad for lunch.

But again, what kind…with what kind of lettuce…or dressing…on the side or not?

And once I’ve chosen all of that, I can listen to some music…rock, pop, jazz or standards…either on one of my devices…or maybe on the radio…either over the air, or satellite…on one specialty channel or another.

Usually another….

Or I suppose I can just watch a movie…or maybe a TV show…or maybe just a webisode of something…action, adventure, rom-com or just plain com. 

Or I can just go shopping…either on-line or in person, in a real store.

Or I can do both, shop in person and then come home and look for the best prices on-line…on one site or another

Of course, if I shop in person that means leaving the house, which means, either driving, which means wasting money on gas and parking…or taking public transportation, which means choosing between a bus, the train or maybe even a cab. 

Which then blows all my gas and parking savings anyway.

Maybe I’ll just stay in and talk to a friend…using one or more of my devices.

 But should I just call, by mobile of landline? Skype or Face Time?

Or make it simple and just text… or is Facebook messenger better?

Should I call a guy friend or a gal friend?

A guy friend will probably just tell me about his new boat and ask if I had heard he just finished climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

A gal friend will probably just tell me about her new crockpot and ask if I had heard she just finished divorcing her husband…maybe because, and maybe not, because of the new crockpot.

Or I could have it  reversed...I don’t know…became I usually don’t listen to anyone I talk to on the phone, anyway…unless they’re talking about me.

In the end, I guess, I’ll just decide to sit here and write something pointless and inane...both of which pretty much mean the same thing.

I just couldn’t choose which one to use.

And then I’ll have to choose which font to use…not that it matters.

No one wastes time choosing a font.

A font’s a font.

Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, Courier, Trebuchet, Georgia.

Just letters on a page…you’d have to be out of your mind to get all twisted in a knot over fonts.

I mean, Times New Roman, is kind of basic…and Verdana is kind of clean. Helvetica is always nice…and Arial is so bland.  Trebuchet is just weird, plus hard to pronounce. Courier’s a classic but so out of date…and Georgia just reminds me of that disturbing trip to Florida when I was in High School.

Okay…I’ll just stick with Arial…I think…maybe…I don’t know…it’s so hard to choose….

Way too many choices….for everything….

But, if I haven’t chosen to mention it before…. thanks for choosing to read this…I appreciate it….


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