Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Slacking

Summer Shadow Slacking

Summer is a time for slacking.

We’ve discussed this before…so if you’re not—slacking—shame on you.

Okay okay okay….

I know…not everyone can be a slacker…or a writer, which some say are one and the same.

But that’s just Z…and my Mom…and some if not all of my friends…okay, friend.

Summer is like a sweet desert after a heavy meal of double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and caldron bubble…of the previous less temperate seasons.

I’m not quite sure what that means, exactly, but hey…it’s the season for slacking. What do you expect?

In my mind…along with all the snakes…summer is a big heaping helping of Apple Pie, with an even larger scoop of ice cream—your choice—slowly melting down and into the sides.

The more it melts, the tastier the pie.

And that’s how we should all feel about summer as we sit back and allow ourselves to melt down and into the sides of July.

 No worries, Mon…toes in the water, a—uh, butt  in the sand….”

Because if you can’t dissolve into July…when can you?

Not January…nothing melts in January.

Certainly not February, when you can barely feel your toes, and your a—uh, butt is just plain frozen.

No…July, right into August…the melting season.

But not everyone is on board with this passive approach to summer…let alone slacking.

Some would rather take a different approach—a more aggressive one.

The idea of simply melting away, into anything makes them feel much too helpless…much too carefree, which is the key to slacking…especially, summer slacking.

They would rather absorb the summer into them, instead of them into it.

And I suppose that might work for some.

“No problems Mon, whatever tickles your ta ta’s…it’s summer. There is no right or wrong in summer, Mon.”

But it doesn’t work for me…not the summer slacker.

Because to absorb summer means to absorb all of the "requirements" of summer, as well.

“I have to go to the beach this weekend, in order to meet my 10.6 hr. tanning quota for the month.”

“I need just seven more hot dogs to beat my nitrate levels for last summer!”

“Holy Cow, it’s nearly August and I haven’t once rolled down the window and let the wind blow back my hair…not once!”

Or even worse….

“I need to book the same motel at the same vacation spot on the same beach at the same shore….”

And that’s far from summer slacking…as far as you can possibly be.

That’s summer obligation…even if it’s self-imposed.

And granted, anything...obligation or no...with summer at its head is better than anything starting or ending with winter...but wouldn’t you rather have as much of the limited time you can muster—a month, a week or even a day—facing that day with an unscheduled agenda, an obligation of only guilt free non-obligation, a free spirit and an empty mind…you know…just like a writer?

So in the summer weeks ahead, instead of making lists and scheduling events and plans for all the “fun” things you need to do this summer…take a walk down to the beach—any beach—plop your a—uh, butt on the water’s edge and let the morning tide slide over your toes.

Melt into summer, and follow the flow wherever it goes.

It's only here for a little while.

Why waste a minute of it?



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  1. Nice write and comical for those who think and remember how life "really" is in the summer.

    1. Thanks, Jeanne....I appreciate that....

  2. Amen... I'm learning how to slack and smell the roses.... But then I have to catch up from all the slacking... I finally read a novel after too much time.... Not to mention catching up on your slacker blogs...

    1. Slacking and rose smelling is not a recommended practice. You tend to become careless and end up with thorns up your nose.... Not good.

    2. ok, i have no time for the roses anyway. sounded good the other day.


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