Friday, May 29, 2015

Beach more time

Things have been a little hectic lately.

I won’t go into it.

Nobody wants that.

Least of all me.

But I at least managed to get over to the beach, the other day...for the first a long while.

So things have changed a bit.

It’s warmer, for one.

Less ice to navigate.

But other than that, not much has changed from where the beach left off last fall.

Most of the regulars are still occupying their same spots.

Unless the cleanup crew placed a garbage can on it.

In that case you likely found a confused person, scratching their head, standing with their arms full of blankets and towels, not knowing what to do.

But, eventually, they adapt; slide over a few feet to the north or south of the can and drop their stuff...whether there’s another beach goer sitting there or not.’s the worries, Mon...we share and share alike.

At least that’s what I told the security guard.

That..and it takes a little bit, every new beach season to get back into the beach remembering to bring everything you’re gonna need to enjoy a typical a blanket and a towel...lunch...a chair...a bathing suit...and the fact that the tide comes in—after it goes out—it come don’t fall asleep down by the water’s edge....

Here’s a little refresher course from a few years ago...because most things never change.

Especially at the beach....

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