Friday, February 5, 2016

Inside My Inner Voice

I’m told it’s an especially good time to listen to my inner voice.

Which is not an especially hard thing for me, since my inner voice never stops yammering...or asking for pizza

But I suppose that’s the point.

I guess I walk around, day in and day out, hearing my inner voice, but not really listening to it...I mean, aside from the pizza part.

It’s that whole head/heart thing.

Our heart tell us we were meant to enlighten the world through our witty writing, exotic macramé, creative Jell-O sculptures...but our head says an accounting job with benefits will ensure a long lasting, secure retirement.

Our heart tell us that the girl with the spike collar and purple hair is the one for us...but our head says, think of what those spikes will do to the new horse feather pillows we just bought...and how hyper allergenic is that hair dye?

Heart vs. head...the age old battle.

Twizzlers vs. grapes.

And like any such dilemma the world seems to be divided into types.

The artsy/creative types will always take the heart route, which accounts for the poor diets, shabby clothes and chronic gloomy view of the world, thing.

The more pragmatic folks will always dismiss the heart and follow the head, which accounts for the good jobs, tailored clothes... and chronic gloomy view of the world, thing.

Sure the folks who actually pay attention to their inner voices and instincts listen to way better music, read much better books and watch more provocative movies...but the logical people never have to sit through another 3 hour plus Hobbit sequel.

I admit to falling into the inner voice category. I mean how else can I account for most of the 90s.

We “inner voicers” always expect the next phone call to be from that big publishing company...or at least the pizza place announcing that we finally hit the calzone for life lotto number.

We’re certain the rock opera we’ve been composing for the last 10 years is finally “almost there”...even if they did turn off our electric and water 6 months ago.

Candles and rain barrels are better for our “process”, anyway.

And when it comes to relationships...always go with the guys or girls with the “crazy eyes”.  They’re usually the ones who get arrested first, which gives you time to slip away, into the night.

But inner voices don’t always lead us down a winding path to nowhere...not if we really listen to what they’re telling us.

Sometimes—a lot of times—they lead us to nice comfortable landing places...ones we never thought we’d ever see, let alone have the courage to pass through the dark places we needed to wander across in order to get there.

Sure, that doesn’t mean we’ll strike it rich once the world discovers that our doodles contain abstract messages from Alpha Centauri...but it doesn’t mean we won’t, either.

And if you really pay attention to your inner voice, you quickly discover that “rich" means more than fame and a hefty bank account. Sometimes the richest person is the one who simply turns out the light at night knowing they listened, they followed...and they arrived.

The rest of the world may not see it...and they probably never will.

But you do...and you always will.

Inner voices lead through the dark and into the light...your own light.

And there’s nothing brighter than that....

Except for hitting that Calzone lotto...which I know is coming soon...real, real soon....


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  1. in your last one you said something about the inner voices that lead through the dark and into the light...your own light." do you REALLY think you don't wax poetic a fair amount you Irishman?

    1. Hey, this is like a "cross-over" blog episode, now.
      Well, I'm half Italian, as well so maybe it can't be helped. But I mostly just babble....

    2. I believe that excellence ought to be acknowledged. So I want to say to you that your work is truly excellent. Keep listening to that inner voice. If you hear music too, let me know ASAP.

    3. Thanks, Joan, as always! Actually, I never stop hearing music...I have my own personal soundtrack. Should I be concerned????

    4. Only if you hear O Sole Mio played on a harp.

  2. i like when brian's inner voice writes the blog.... interesting.... very interesting. introspective and inspiring.

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I like when my inner voice writs the blog too. It means I can spend more time watching Saved by the Bell reruns....


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