Monday, February 8, 2016

Spaces for Places

People don’t live in apartments or work in offices anymore.

Instead they have spaces.

You might overhear two people speaking, while you’re eavesdropping at the guacamole store:

“I need a new Armadillo cage for my space.”

“What happened to your old Armadillo cage?”

“Nothing...I just need something new to change things up...something more exciting than what I’ve been living with.”

“In your current space?”

“Yeah...I could never fit an Armadillo cage, to my liking, in my old space.  Way too small for that kind of thing.”

“So your new space is larger?”

“Oh yeah...almost twice as big.”

“Wow...that must be pretty nice, all that wise.”

“It is, but like I said, it needs spicing up...hence the Armadillo cage.”

“Well, I’m sure the Armadillo will be pleased.”

“What Armadillo?”

“Uhm...the one who the cage is for?”

“Oh, I don’t have an Armadillo...just the cage.  What would I do with an Armadillo?”

“I don’t know...impress chicks...clear out the cockroaches.”

“Well, I actually enjoy the cockroaches and nothing I do ever seems to impress chicks.”

“So weird....”

Then there’s the work situation.  Used to be if you put in your time, worked hard and proved your worth you’d be rewarded with your own office...with a door and everything; possibly a window. And if you were really’re own bathroom...because, you know, really important people can’t waste time peeing with other people in a public setting...unless it’s late at night in the alley behind the pub after you closed that big deal.

But nowadays a lot of businesses have gone to the more utilitarian, utopian socialistic model of standardized cubicle spaces, or even more Orwellian, just plain space.

I think because once Regan stared shouting about taking down those walls everyone thought it was the thing to do.

But I could be wrong....

The open floor plan means everyone is equal...without doors, without windows, without walls...which makes that whole executive bathroom situation kind of awkward.

“How’s the new job coming?”

“Oh, just new work space is wonderful!”

“ much bigger is it than your old work space?”

“Oh, old space was so I don’t feel hemmed in anymore.”

‘That’s good.”

“Yeah, I can see all the way across the office to the big window at the end of the room. I can almost make out when it’s raining...or dark

“Sounds like a great space!”

“It is...except I don’t have any place to hang my squirrel collages, anymore. Plus the guy who sits across the way stares at me all day and rubs his elbows...among other things.”

“Well, I guess there’s a downside to any space. But at least it’s your own. You worked hard for that space.”

“I’s what I always wanted. And now I have my eye on that big corner space down the hall. My boss is in there now, but I’ve got big plans to hang a hat of my own in that space, someday. I mean if there’s was a place to put a hook....”

But even that kind of office arrangement is kind of old hat, so to speak.

A lot of people, today, don’t even need a place to have a space. They work from home in a virtual space...wherever their computers and other assorted devices take them.

Even I have a space. 

I’m actually in my space right now. 

I know because that’s where Z puts me in the morning and tells me to wait until she comes home. 


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