Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hope-ful or Hope-empty

Some people say there’s always a reason to be hopeful.

I, however, am not one of those people.

I’m more on the hope-empty side.

If you’ve been paying attention.

I’m one of those people who’s constantly on the lookout for the other shoe to drop...that is if I could find the first shoe, let alone drop the other one.

If the light ahead is green, I’m certain it will change to red, just as I pull up to it.

And it does.

That is if my car starts up in the morning.

Which it probably won’t.

When I bought a new toaster after 20 years of burnt bread, yet finally figuring out the right medium brown setting, which I knew would be the case...I was certain I was now gonna burn my English Muffins all over again...that is if the muffins didn’t have mold.

Which I was sure they would. 

When I walk into a store I know, no one is gonna ask if they can help me.

Because they know I’m beyond help and they only want to help someone who’s actually gonna buy something.

However, if I know exactly what I want...I’ll have 15 people offering to help...especially if I only want to use the rest room.

But there’s nothing written in stone that says I can’t change my attitude.

It’s more of a hard plastic, which I’m certain I can melt down, rewrite and reshape.

That is if I wasn’t also certain I’m probably gonna burn my fingers.

Yet, if I can push through the pain of constant disappointment and anguish, I’m certain I can turn things around.

Just like Katie Holmes.

I mean it’s all a matter of outlook and perspective, right?

One bad day or error in judgment doesn’t have to lead to everlasting catastrophe...although, usually it does?

If the red light slows you down it’s for a good reason.

Maybe it kept you from driving headlong into an out of control garbage truck barreling around the corner...which has probably circled around by now and will still get you at the next intersection, once the light turns green.

If you burnt your muffin, maybe it saved you from choking on it, which would have forced you to throw yourself on the floor to dislodge the piece of carbonize mold that might have gotten caught in your wind pipe, possibly ruining your favorite tie after you rolled around in the dog food for a half hour, trying to dislodge the thing.

And if you walk into a crowded store and no one offers to help you...then maybe you didn’t really need what you thought you needed, in the first place...especially with help from a germ laden, sniffly dude who’s been sneezing into his hand for the last 3 hours.  Maybe, as a result, you avoided catching that nasty flu bug going least until Wednesday.

So perhaps all those positive people are right. Maybe there is always something to be hopeful about.

But I’m not counting on it.


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  1. Why did the teacher always call on me when I was sure not to know the answer? Geometry of course. If only the bell would ring for a fire drill. I could only be saved if there were a real fire.

    1. I don't know. I can't imagine anything you don't have the answer to. When I didn't know the answer I would go to the untied shoelace I always had at the ready, just in case....

  2. "Hope springs eternal in the human breast". I've often wondered about that phrase not being one to hope for anything. Contingency has always been my preferred approach in life. Escape routes and fall-backs have proved to be the driving dynamics of my expectations and they have rarely let me down. Trust nothing, expect the worst and never ever hope for the best. Aaaah, happy days :-)

    1. As always, words I can definitely live by. In fact I have my GPS programmed on contingency and escape. Good to hear f rom you, Ropey. I was beginning to worry you had run off with another "blogger"....

    2. Fidelity has always been high on my record deck, it's the way i spin.


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