Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap, Leap, Leaping...Again

I just looked in on my stats and found that a lot of people are Googling "Leap Day" and ending up on an old post I did on the last "Leap Day", back in 2012.  So I guess I can look forward to being popular at least every 4 years.  I hadn't planned on re-posting this--mostly because I'd forgotten I had written it--but, hey...who am I to  turn my back on a grateful world...?

So Click Here for

"Leaping for Leap Day"


Have you picked up my new book “The Kingdom of Keys”?
No....what's up with that???

Better hurry before they're ALL GONE...which is a lie because they'll never be all gone...never....

So why not buy one just to reward my forthrightness..ness...ness?

You might even enjoy it.

And spread the word...cuz nobody else is....

Just sayin....
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