Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Okay…where’s the summer?

I mean it was here…for a while…wasn’t it?

Steamy, hot sticky summer.

Even though it was just spring.

Of course, I ran and installed all my air conditioners, lest I dehydrate and develop heat stroke.

I couldn’t risk the confusion and erratic behavior that accompanies that…again.

My lawyer/neighbor told me I would probably only get away with that as a credible defense twice.

So I couldn’t risk it.

It was even too hot to go and sit on the beach.


And now it’s not.

Now it’s like March again…cold and dreary…rain, so weary.

Actually, no…it’s not like March at all.

March was warm and dry.

I had a tan in March.

Most of April too.

May was pretty much a wash...literally…right up until Memorial Day weekend.

And that’s when the heat and humidity came,

And the air conditioners went in…and the shorts came out…and the BBQs fired up.

Summer was here…and now it’s not.

June or no June.

But we can adapt.

It’s what we do.

We adapt…to just about anything.

I still have my snow shovel nearby.

And the guy I rented my wool coat to left me his cell number.

I tried to call him but he’s a hard guy to get a hold of.  And it’s kind of odd that he lives in a Chinese restaurant.

I think he was in the military at some point because his name is General Tso.

Like I said, I’ve called quite a few times over the last few days and asked for him, to no avail.  The folks he lives with are nice, though. Every time I call they shout a lot of things I can’t understand, and then they send over some food.

Weird, huh….but tasty….

So I know I can get my coat back if I need it.

Hopefully I won’t.

Hopefully the summer weather will return and I can bring out my thongs again.

Despite the court order.


  1. I am so 20th C. I thought the guy with the cell number was in prison. But do they have numbers on the cells?

    1. Actually your version would have been funnier. And the term “cell” itself is passé when I think of it. I should have said “mobile”, because I don’t think they even use cells any more. We can’t think in terms of centuries any more. Now it’s like… “That is so last May”…..

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I practice those moves in the mirror every morning….


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