Friday, June 1, 2012

It’s June!

June has always been a happy month.

Just the sound of it lifts your spirits and warms the coldest of winter days.

“I don’t expect to be stuck in this snow drift much past June!”

When you’re a kid it’s the month when the end of school finally comes into view.

And, if you were a catholic school kid, you were allowed to stash your uniform in the back of the closet, once June arrived, and come to school looking like a whole other kind of nerd in plaid short-sleeve shirts and khaki pants.

Of course there was always one kid who lost the note and still came to school in his uniform only to be publicly mocked and held up to ridicule.

Nuns can be cruel.

Besides I liked my uniform.

It made me feel like a yachtsman.

The weather really starts to feel steamy in June, which is required summer ambiance.

There’s nothing like that first day of waking up wrapped in a soggy sheet, preferably your own, preferably in your own bed, and preferably not behind the deli.

But sleepwalking is a legitimate defense in most states.

The morning light is warm and long in June. 

There’s also nothing like jumping out of bedor from behind the delibefore 6 AM and taking an early morning June stroll through the neighborhood.

Dew drops balance on blades of grass as a refreshing mist drifts through low hanging trees.

Steam rises from the special little gift your neighbor’s dog deposited next to your newspaper.

But it’s all okay…all of it, because It’s June.

It closes out the year’s first half.

It prepares us for the start of the second.

It warms us on the coolest day.

It guides us through July and August; September and most of October.

It tells us we made it.

It reminds us to enjoy it.

It’s June….

It's music...

It's June....



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  1. "It guides us through..." sort of like the Holy Ghost, don't you think?

    1. I suppose one could look at it that way. Not sure....

      My Holy Ghost took the last train for the coast (a la Don Mclean) a long long time ago….


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