Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Feeling Reckless

I’m feeling a little reckless this morning….again.

So I lathered and rinsed…BUT I did NOT repeat.


And I did NOT wash behind my ears, either.

Then I put on a dirty pair of socks.

I know….

I put creamer in my cup before I poured my coffee.

Don’t even ask about the sweetener.

I opened my cereal box from the wrong end.

I’d already removed most of the “Do Not Remove under penalty of law” tags in the house during previous bouts of recklessness.

But I have not used everything as directed.

And I’m not starting today.

In fact, some of them I used downright improperly.

That’s just the way I feel.

I did NOT shake my orange juice before serving.

Later on I intend to bend at the waist, instead of my knees.

I’m just gonna start opening stuff and NOT refrigerate after.

Try to make me.

I’m using my cell phone WHILE pumping gas.

I am NOT staying in the crosswalk while crossing.

In fact I’m not even waiting for the light to change.


Not using it!

I’m using mayonnaise that expired 3 days ago.

That’s right….

Uh huh…

I’m having a conversation with a Republican.

While wearing an old “Friends of Bill” button.

I’m actually gonna try to poke my eye out.

Maybe hold my face in an odd position just to see if it will really freeze that way.

I’m not putting the toilet seat down.

At least not for a few seconds.

What? I’m reckless not crazy.

But I am gonna wash with unlike colors.

If I can locate the washing machine.

If I do, I may just over suds.

Not sure….

I’m definitely thinking about it though, because, like I said, that’s just how I feel.

And while I’m at it I may operate machinery AND drive a motor vehicle, WHILE taking a cold medication that may cause drowsiness.

I’m gonna find a TV show intended for mature audience’s….and watch it anyway.

If I can find a Sharpie…I’m sniffing it.

I don’t even care what color.

I drinking irresponsibly…on one leg…even while I write this.

Matches…I’m not only playing with them, I’m striking with the cover OPEN!

Sorry…I know this is making a lot of you “Goodie Two Shoe/Safety First” folks uncomfortable.

And by the way…I AM walking with my shoes untied.

While running down the stairs….

With a scissors in my hand.

So I’m gonna just take it outside…go get my crazy on…if you know what I mean.

But wait…is it starting to rain?

I’m not going out in that.


  1. rebel! i asked the kids if they knew what today little guy thought about it and said, thursday. and i said YES!! IT'S THURSDAY!!! MAKE IT GREAT!
    they thought i was nuts. and my middle one asked how much coffee i had (it was 7:30.)
    it's all about perspective, and sometimes we need to change the way we think about things. and maybe even play with matches bc you never know where you will start your next fire.
    happy reckless thursday!!

    1. What can I tell you….it’s in my blood…..

      My feeling is that if kids think their parents are nuts then the parents are doing something right. Nothing worse than a boring straight laced mom or dad. Plus it might make the kids feel as if they better keep an eye on things.

      Enjoy your reckless Thursday, but don’t trip on your shoe laces while your out there running. Maybe try spitting into this fierce wind....

    2. today i shall be reckless on the treadmill at the gym and hopefully won't fly off the back. i like to see some of my older gym friends. they have so much wisdom to share, and are always ready to share their smile.
      and my kids would tell you that i am pretty much bordering on the insane. shannon told me yesterday that i should have my own show after i told her i think it would be fun to work at the deli counter at stop and shop.


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