Friday, March 1, 2013

It’s Friday - It’s March

It’s Friday.

It’s March.

I’ll say it again.

It’s Friday.

It’s March.

Okay…I got that out of my system.

In like a lion and out like lamb.

It’s March.

It’s Friday.

Sorry…I guess not.

But it’s reversed…so it’s different.

It’s just that….

Well, you know.

Or maybe you haven’t been paying attention.

I get that a lot.

So we’re already into the 3rd month of the year.

Only 8 months to the start of the holiday season…7 if you start at Halloween.

March is another one of those transition months.

But in good way, this time.

March closes the door on winter, which, so far, for the most part, this year, has been somewhat mediocre.

So far….

It’s been way colder than last year’s winter, but the storms, depending on where you live, have been on the “not so bad” side.

Just average, if not below, on the snow scale.

Still, all the same, we’re happy to say a quick, by-bye, adios or adieu…whatever your predilection.

Pretty soon the earth will, thaw, loosen and spread its special scent of spring on the early morning dew.

As will all the Irish pretenders who’ll also thaw, loosen and spread their special scent of stale beer and vomit on the early morning dew on St. Patrick’s Day.

March opens stark; leafless branches, scratching towards the sky.

Patches of dirtied snow, puddled by the curb.

March closes confident; buds sprouting, grass greening.
We'll even take a dandelion or two.

Heavy coats replaced by lighter coats, or, if we’re lucky, no coats at all.

Baseballs flying.

Basketballs bouncing.

The sights and sounds of March.

Turn our faces to the sun. Color on our cheeks, warmed not frozen.

It’s what makes March march.

Onward towards the spring.

One foot in front of the other.

It’s Friday.

It’s March….


  1. Now I know why it's called March. It marches toward spring. Very good.

    Hey, I'm thinking of hiring a fulltime, live-in opener. Lots of jars, battery compartments, Drano bottle, aspirin child-proof cap,etc. Must be a strong man (not woman - did you ever see a lady bouncer?) Tell all your friends about this cushy new job opening for an opener.

    1. I would apply for the position myself but I never remember if it’s turn clockwise or turn counter clockwise. Plus I’m not sure what the clock has to do with it at all, so that throws me as well….

      Have you looked into a helper monkey? They’re much more personable than a human, plus they work for peanuts…literally.

  2. Turns: righty -tighty and lefty-loosey. A plumber told me, so it must be right

    Re the monkey: Do they drive? Dogs apparently do, although they stop for hydrants.


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