Monday, March 4, 2013

Rainy Day Sunshine

We had a couple of rainy days last week.

More than just rain; it was actually petty stormy on Wednesday.

Kind of nice, at least in my opinion.

But then I don’t have to drag myself out of bed in the dark, cold, dreary dawn and drive to an office.

The furthest I have to commute is down the walkway to pick up the newspapers, sitting in a puddle.

And why I sit in a puddle is anybody’s guess.

So the rain doesn’t bother me…at least this time of year.

But even at the height of summer, a rainy day can be a welcome respite.

Kind of rainy day sunshine.

There’s something comforting about the clouds closing in, enveloping you in dankness.

Like pulling the covers over your head and shutting out the world, from time to time.

Sheets of rain send a signal to your brain: relax…let go, there’s nothing to be done.

Which, to be honest, is pretty much the same signal a sunny day sends to my brain…but with a modicum of guilt attached.

See, I’m not what you call a “go getter”.

Aside from my daily walk about, I spend the majority of my day avoiding chores of any sort.

And when they’re unavoidable, I spend a lot of time coordinating them, so as to minimize the actual time spent performing them.

A trip to the cleaners, combined with the bank, the grocery store, my apology to the Swedes or whomever I’ve offended that week.

And then I take a 2 hour nap.

You know…to recharge.

But a day like last Wednesday, around here, is a day to just stay in and maybe watch old movies; read a book or just quietly sit and contemplate life’s mysteries.

Like…where does belly button lint actually come from and why?

I mean it’s not like I’m wearing a fuzzy shirt…yet there it is, every day.

Which, I suppose, is not at all unusual…everyone collects belly button lint.

But not always in a large zip lock bag.

Some people prefer slide lock bags.

Just saying….

Which is sometimes unfortunate…I know.

Anyway, all I’m saying…I mean about the rainy day, not belly button lint….is a rainy day can be a welcome day, under the right circumstances.

Rain drops buffeting your window sing out, “stay inside, hunker down…”

And if you can, you will…you should.

The chores can wait for another day.

A sunnier day…a warmer day.

Unless the roof is leaking, then all bets are off.

Except for the belly button lint…that’s a sure thing.

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