Tuesday, January 28, 2014

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days?

You know…one of THOSE days.


How was it?


I’m having one of those days, today.


I woke up in a bad mood.

I think it was the sun.

The sun was annoying me.

It was right there, as usual, shinning in over the curtain…but at an odd, irritating angle.

I mean, who needs that, first thing in the morning.

Then the heat was acting up.

Yep…the heat.

And that’s the last thing you want giving you trouble, first thing.

The heat…..

I don’t know what it was, exactly; it was just different.

It seemed a bit out of place.

And maybe a smidge drier than normal.

I’m not sure….all I know is, it wasn’t the heat I was expecting.

The water was fine, so no complaints there.

Well, actually now that I think of it, the hot water wasn’t quite itself either. 

I think the hot water might have been a smidge on the dry side, too.

Then I had to throw away my old toothpaste and open a brand new tube.


I couldn’t squeeze out a single plop more….even with the vice in the basement.

So there was that.

Then I lost another bristle off my toothbrush.

Now I’m down to four.

Bristles, not toothbrushes.

What…you think I’m made of money?

Then I was all out of bagels…so I decided to have apple pie for breakfast…just because I wanted to.

Plus I have trouble making toast….

With or without the bread….

I also like to butter my bread…on both sides.

People say that’s wrong.

I say…why?

If there are two sides I’ll butter it.

If there are three…I’ll butter that one too.

But it does get a little messy.

And don’t even get me started on the milk…or the orange juice.

Especially the orange juice.

And then the day just went downhill from there.

Don’t ask why….

Because then I’ll have to make up more stuff.

And that will annoy me, too.

Not to mention, you.

Then you’ll be having one of “those days”.

And so on and so on….

Of course, now, I have no idea how to end this thing.

Which was to be expected I suppose.

It’s been one of those days.


  1. Seems like you have rants in your pants Brian. Nice one old chap.

    1. Are there young chaps, or even middle aged chaps over there? Over here if we refer to someone as "old chap" it's usually in reference to the perpetual cold sore they've been sporting since the 70's.

      Miss your FB presence, middleage chap. Wha hoppen?

  2. i had the kind of day yesterday. except i had fire engines. i was relieved to start over w the sun on this tuesday.....

    1. my parents CO detector... scary stuff.... posted it on fb to remind people to check their CO detectors. ahhhh...winter.....

    2. Wow that is scary. Glad everyone is okay. What was the source?

    3. appears holes in a flue from the furnace. the CO was being recirculated through the house.

  3. Here's a bad day story: He stepped out the front door to grab the morning paper. But alas, the door slammed shut, and it was locked. Unfortunately, he was wearing something less than his pjs - a lot less. And to make matters worse, it was April Fools Day. This is a true story, with some amendments.

    1. Who's the "He"? I actually did that once, although fully clothed...but it was cold and I was unjacketed. luckily my new door locks don't auto lock behind, anymore...although now the house is unlocked most of the time as I forget to turn the key.....

    2. My dad. And it was a hotel - where they had bellhops (some time ago). He saw the one delivering the paper and asked him to get a key to let him back in. Nothing happened. (Was the kid going on break?) Anyway, the bellhop finally returned. When asked why it took so long, he said they all thought it was an April Fool joke.

    3. Yikes! At least he had the newspaper. I hope it wasn't a tabloid.....


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