Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thoughtless Tuesday

Tuesday’s blog never showed.


I waited…but nothing.

No call, no text…no nothing.

That’s just how it is these days…you can’t rely on anything…not even a blog.

And the fact that it was Tuesday was kind of disappointing.

I mean if it was Wednesday, from a couple of years ago, sure…I wouldn’t have been surprised.

But Tuesday…reliable, thoughtful Tuesday?

I just don’t know.

I mean it saw what happened to Wednesday.

Of course, maybe it also saw how many chances I gave Wednesday to get its act together.

Maybe that was my mistake.

Because we all know nothing ever changes these days.

A bad day’s a bad day…no matter how many chances you give it.

So now it’s Tuesday.

Oh, it had some lame excuse about getting caught up in all that political Bridgegate hokey pokey going on in New Jersey…but, hello…that all took place last summer, not yesterday, Tuesday.

But that’s how blogs are…they never get past the flashy headline…and they never stick to the facts.

Plus they also think that you do the same, so you won’t notice when they’re making stuff up.

But I notice…and I’m sure you do to.

Although most of the time I hope that you don’t.

In fact I depend on it.

So I did some digging and found out that instead of being here doing what it was supposed to be doing, Tuesday’s blog was still on the Pennsylvania Turnpike getting a little too cozy with some chick blog, at a rest stop …miles outside of Jersey.

They were seen swapping cappuccinos and discussing dirty diaper stories.

Dirty diaper stories? 


Give me a break.

Then, next thing you know, Tuesday starts showing off, pontificating on the plus or minuses of skinny jeans.

Like he’s an expert or something.

I don’t think so.

Everyone knows Skinny Jeans was Wednesday.

So I don’t know who Tuesday thought it was fooling.

Truth is. I’m not sure I even know who Tuesday is anymore…not after this.

So I tried dragging Wednesday out of its forced retirement, which to be honest wasn’t all that easy.

I mean it’s been a while since anything was asked of Wednesday, and it’s gotten kind of used to its time being its own.

And I get that. 

I just thought it might like a chance to get back in the game; take advantage of Tuesday’s indiscretions.

 But I was wrong.

Apparently there was a morning Yoga class to attend and a spin class in the afternoon.

In between—and this one really caught me by surprise—Wednesday volunteers at the Senior Center, serving lunch.

So apparently these days can still surprise.  

You just never know what each one will bring.

Anyway, I had no choice but to go downtown and see the guy who hangs out behind the luncheonette selling refurbished blogs.

I know…that’s the last thing I wanted too, but this whole Tuesday thing caught me off guard and I had to get something up before I lost any more of the 6 people that actually read this thing regularly.

Sure, most of his stuff is recycled garbage, but if you dig enough you can sometimes pick up something that’s at least halfway presentable.


Not all the time.


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