Friday, May 23, 2014

A Bounce in My Step

It’s the start of the big Memorial Day weekend—the unofficial start of summer…officially— and all kinds of unofficial things have been happening.

Officially…I think.

I was out walking, just the other day, and I noticed I had a bounce in my step.

Yeah…an actual bounce.

Which was kind of cool.

Although it did seem odd to others…me walking with this bounce.

Like I was trying to work out a leg cramp or something.

Even the squirrels thought it looked odd.

Not that they said anything to me…I’m not crazy…I don’t talk to squirrels,

Not on a Monday.

In fact, on Mondays, I rarely talk to anybody.

Because most people don’t like Mondays, let alone talking on Mondays…and that includes the squirrels, which I know sounds weird.

Because Wednesday is usually the busiest day for squirrels.

Not sure why…just is.

Anyway, so it was even more peculiar to discover this bounce in my step, especially on a Monday.

And I can’t even put my finger on why—who actually hates it when I do that— I just had this light airy feeling.

And I know what you’re thinking…I took an extra antihistamine again.

Which I had, but I don’t think that’s what it was.

Because when I take too many antihistamines, I usually just sleep through breakfast.

No…this was different.

This was like walking through a rainbow of bright colors. The sky was bluer, the grass was greener…even the birds seemed chirpier.

Plus the bounce made navigating the curbs that much easier.

I only tripped a couple of times.

And then I realized what it was.

It was Sprummer.

That time of year when it’s really still spring, but everyone says it the unofficial start of summer.

So Sprummer

That’s what it was.

And who wouldn’t feel bouncy for that?

Especially after all the cold and snow…last week.

The beaches are open, the BBQs are burning; even the fireflies are arriving.


The best time of the year.

And then I noticed it wasn’t just me…a lot of people had a bounce in their step…which for some, isn’t a very attractive sight.

But everyone was feeling it, even if they didn’t know it.

Sprummer Sprummer Sprummer…breaking out all over.

Spreading all around.

The world has woken up again and pretty soon before we
know it….

It’s gonna be really hot…and sticky…and sweaty…and hard to breathe, let alone bounce….

Sprummer…enjoy it while you can!

Cuz…you know…it doesn’t last…just like the bounce….


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  1. Sing for joy for Sprummer. Follow the bouncing ball. Oh wait -- it's really Brian, and he is smiling. And so am I. Thank you for an upbeat retort, even though it is raining here all the time.

    1. Thanks, Joan. Well, you know what they say...if we didn't have the rain we wouldn't--
      You know, screw that...just give us our damn sun!
      Enjoy the Sprummer!


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