Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer is…almost here

It’s still about 2 and half weeks from the official start of summer, but there’s no reason not to start speculating as to what lays ahead.

I mean is it ever too early to begin taking in everything summer has to offer?

I guess maybe January 2nd…but other than that it’s all on the table.

Which reminds me, I have to clean mine before Z comes home.

Summer is just an easy time of year, so why wouldn’t you want to embrace that.

Summer makes you feel like a kid again, especially after falling asleep on your stomach at the beach for 4 hours.

That prickly sensation on your back, in the sheets at night...just can't get enough of it.

Summer is ice cream dripping off your cone and onto your shirt…unless you’re me and really don’t require any particular season or day to have that happen.

Summer is outside barbeques and horse shoe games, which is so much more fun than inside barbeques and horse shoe games, which tend to be hard on the table lamps.

Summer is the sound of crickets singing, scratchy blankets on the grass, popsicles and fireworks on the 4th of July.   

Summer is a baseball in your hand, in your mitt, off your bat or even off your shin.

Summer is the sound of little friends past, jars in hand, pursuing fireflies in your yard.

Summer is picking dandelion bouquets and holding buttercup flowers under your chin to see who likes butter better than you.

Summer is pleading with your mom to let you stay outside at least until the street lights come on…and losing.

Summer is pleading with your mom to let you stay outside at least until the street lights come on…and winning…because you never give up.

Summer is trips to the beach sitting in the back of a station wagon filled with cousins, windows down, the rush of warm air making it impossible to hear anything but laughs.

Summer is the sound of lawn mowers and the smell of fresh grass.

Summer is lemonade, ice tea, and the sound of bells, ringing up and down the street.

Summer is listening to the radio all night long, craving slumber, clinging to a moist sheet.

Summer is the sound of young hearts beating together, sharing a star, peering into the future.

Summer is the sound of old hearts beating together, sharing a star, remembering the past and treasuring the present.

Summer is so much more than a season.

It’s an ever changing sensation, attached to yesterday, bridged to tomorrow, wrapped in the now.

Summer is almost here.

And it can never come too soon….



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  1. I remember playing Giant Steps, Red Light, and RelievO on summer nights. Especially the time I was ordered to take 500 giant steps to the right - and clear out of the game. If it were today, I would take 499 steps and see if they cared.

    1. Ha! I would have counted, Joan...I always counted. I still do!

  2. Wow, Brian, you brought back so many cherished memories of my childhood! Days long past, but never forgotten....oh and I think I liked butter better than you...

    1. You may have liked butter more, but I was king of the firefly! Wait that sounds a little weird...in a Lord of the Firefly-ish kind of way ... But you did say I was a little bossy, back then...hard as that is to believe


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