Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Zombie Summer Solstice Resurrected

A couple of weeks back I told you one of the Zombies Across the Street had shuffled over to our front yard and handed us an invitation to their first Summer Solstice party.

I mentioned it at the time because it was unusual, mostly because in the past the Zombies had a tendency to avoid such things or anything, for that matter, that had to do with summer.

You know, for obvious reasons, most of which are not all that pleasant to discuss…especially on a family website.

Anyway, the thing is…despite my initial skepticism, the Zombies actually did have a pretty big blow out of a Summer Solstice party this past Saturday night.

Way better than any of my own solstice parties, which is actually saying a lot…I think.

They even came to an understanding with the Druids, at least for the night, and the Druids, in turn, were able to secure the Morris Dancers, plus a cousin who had some association with a Cloaked Mystic they once visited, or knew of a Cloaked Mystic, or someone knew someone who once owned a cloak, or heard about someone who actually saw a cloak or something they thought might be a cloak.

So they had all their solstice bases covered….sort of.

And there was actually quite a turnout, which I contributed to curiosity, at least for some.
Even the Vampires up the street were there, once the sun set, of course.

I was even thinking about doing some live on-site Tweeting and Facebook updates, but as Z pointed out, the Zombies don’t like to draw too much attention to themselves, at least no more than the usual ruckus they attract when they go into town for a smoothie or something.

That excellent DJ from the Christmas party was back so, as you'd expect, there was plenty of ghoul on ghoul action on the dance floor, at any given time, which is always fun to watch.   

Of course, they weren’t necessarily all in one piece, on the dance floor, at any given time, but that’s pretty par for the course at Zombie parties.

The food was good—actually better than good—as long as you knew what you were looking for and sorted out the extraneous—let’s just call them “parts”—that are bound to get mixed in with the bean dip and such.

They even had a mystical solstice labyrinth set up that wound all the way down the block and across the outer boundary of the werewolves’ property.  Of course, this created a bit of an awkward situation since the werewolves weren’t invited to the party, which, at least to me, seemed rude, especially since the full moon had already come and gone, last week.

But who am I to judge? I don’t even pretend to understand these petty animosities between the undead. I mean life, is—or was—short…so why not just un-live let un-live.

Am I right?

Speaking of animosity, as I said before, the biggest surprise of the night was to see actual Druids mingling with the Zombies…not something you’d expect to see every day.

Human Degradation Ceremony
Of course their difference of opinion on what did or did not serve as a suitable human degradation ceremony was to be expected.  When it comes to human degradation, Druids have very specific thoughts in mind, more so than even the Zombies, which might surprise some of you.

I even think some of the Zombies were actually appalled by many of the ideas being tossed around by the Druids, along with some of the Zombie appendages that were lying around the yard, which is pretty standard wherever  a large group of Zombies gather.

However, by the time the Morris Dancers jumped into the center of things, everyone was so transfixed on the spectacle created by all their dancing and kicking that both parties finally agreed on a degradation scenario that everyone could live with…or, you know…whatever they call it.

All in all, it was a fun time…and who expected that?

Not me.

The weather even worked out…cool and dry, which for a Zombie party is critical. The unpleasant odors were kept to a minimum and were really no worse than what you would find at your typical college frat party.

And I know Z and I weren’t the only one who had a good time, because long after we said our goodnights we could hear music and howling going on late into the night, which was nice, because apparently at some point, probably after the 4th keg of summer brew was tapped, the werewolves were invited over.

And it’s always good see ghouls burying their differences for a change…instead of one another.

I wonder if they’re planning anything for the 4th of July?

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