Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Sunday Archive of Retort - 6/25/12

There’s Always Ice Cream

Playing baseball as a kid today, is very different from playing baseball when I was a kid...not today.

When I was 8 we pretty much just showed up at the ball field in a pair of dirty jeans and whatever shirt we woke up in, along with either some hand me down dried out piece of leather, or a glove so new it still mooed and was impossible to bend let alone close. 

There we stood, gathered in a circle to hear some inspirational words from the coach, all the while wondering why his nose was so red. Then, appropriately inspired, we ran out to the field, screaming like banshees, who had a pretty good team themselves, and stood wherever we could find an open spot to stand... I's different...
From 6/25/12:

There’s Always Ice Cream


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