Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Magic Christmas Giving

The magic has arrived…and not a moment too soon.

I was starting to think it wasn’t coming this year…the magic…that old time Christmas magic.

Because every year it seems to take longer and longer for Christmas magic to arrive.

I blame the internet.

The internet is slowing all of us down…even Christmas magic.

It was probably updating its Facebook status or checking all of its old tweets to make sure it didn’t retweet itself this year.

Then there’s Instagram…and Pinterest…so who knows.

From what I hear, last year’s Christmas magic nearly forgot the holiday season, entirely, because of an on-line misunderstanding with Auld Lang Sein over where they planned to unwind once all the holiday hub bub was over.

Something about context lost and subtext being misread in their private messaging exchanges.  A misunderstanding that left Christmas magic in a less than giving mood until it was all cleared up, just in the nick of time, thankfully, for all of us, because Al Roker was just about to jump in and take over.

But that was last year, and this year everything is back on track, so if you’re feeling Christmas Magic, that’s why.

Christmas magic has always been about giving.

Giving good cheer.

Giving good will.

Giving presents.

Giving cards.

Giving greetings.

Giving parties.

Giving cookies, fruitcakes,

Giving…whatever you can afford, whatever you have to give, in whatever way you can.

Sometimes it’s just a wave and a smile…even toward your neighbor, the one whose lawn sprinkler sprays thorough your living room window…all summer…every morning…at 6 AM…and 6 PM.

Sometimes it’s helping a friend find their cat or missing dog…even the one who bit you on the…“back pocket”—the dog…not the friend.

It’s what Christmas is all about.


I mean it’s written in all the books and sung in all the songs.

Of course, some of us—not saying who—also have an interest in the getting, as well.

Which is fine and perfectly normal…as long as we keep our expectations in check.

Sure…I know it was out of line to ask Santa for that 30 foot lava firing volcano garden accessory that one year.  But really…talk about a conversation starter.

Or the life size driveway tableau from the original Smokey and the Bandit movie, complete with replica 76 Trans Am and life size Burt Reynolds…and…Jackie Gleason action figures.

I mean if you’re going to ask, why not ask BIG….

But if you were to ask Christmas Magic, itself, what’s the key to a happy, memorable holiday season, it would probably come down on the side of giving.

The giving from your personal store of peace and joy assembled for the season; passing along all that you’ve been able to gather through a lifetime of happy Christmas’ Past.

Because the truth is, not everyone is able, for any number of reasons, to find the magic each and every year; the realities of life having a way of taking precedence for many.

So if you’re one of the fortunate who actually feels the magic of all the holidays in your life today, keep an eye out for those that are without…those that need it most.

A smile in greeting, a held door “after you”, a plate of cookies, a bough of holly or even a ho ho ho that says, “Hey…we’re all in this together” can go a long way.

So as the march towards Christmas races forward, these last couple of days, try and spread the magic…spread it far…spread it wide, making spirits bright.

And have yourself a Merry little Christmas night.

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  1. Giving you and the Retort a big shout out for another good column and year full of entertainment. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Colleen! I appreciate all the support. Have a merry merry, this week and all year long.....

  2. Replies
    1. Thank, Nic. Boy you must have been busy...so late in commenting. What...you have kids who come first or something?


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