Friday, December 12, 2014

Details Matter…obviously

Details matter.

At least some of them.

Not all….

Especially during the holidays.

Not that the time of year matters.

It doesn't...but I felt obligated to tie the  holidays order to keep the festive feel flowing. I was saying....

Details matter.

At least some of them.

Not all….

Like, what side of the top sheet is up and which is down.


Technically, the top should go on top…face up as it were.

But a lot of people—I won’t say who—say the top side of the top sheet, should face down.

So the person in the bed—I won’t say who—can enjoy the top side of the top sheet from inside the covers.

Which, in a way, makes sense…I suppose…in way that driveways and parkways make sense.

The exception would be in the summer, when a blanket isn’t needed, then you might want the top side of the top sheet to actually face up…so it can be seen by anyone standing outside your bed…you know, in case you have an intruder in your bedroom, in the middle of the night.

Things like what end of the comforter goes at the head of the bed matter too…apparently.

Don’t want your comforter to be upside down.

No comfort in that.

I don’t think it keeps the heat in as well.

Of course that’s nothing when it comes to linens and things…the actual linens and things, not the now defunct store.

Towels need to be folded correctly…I mean why would you fold them incorrectly…even if you could tell.

Then they need to be stored, also correctly, in rotating order, folded side out.


Even I know that…now.

I wasn’t even sure there was un-folded side.

But now I know there is…

It’s on the other side…from the folded side

Same goes for sheets and wash cloths.

You getting all this?

Don’t be afraid to take notes.

But neat, organized notes…with assigned categories and columns.

You should see my dresser drawers.

A thing of beauty.

Underwear gets rolled…not folded.

They stay much neater that way and make a better presentation…you know, in case the intruder who is standing over your bed in the middle of the night, decides to take a peek.

There’s nothing too special or detailed about storing my socks, other than I ball them up and shape them into various woodland creatures.

I mean, they’re just socks…right?

T-shirts are a different story, though.

T-shirts shout out for attention to detail.

One wrong fold and you have untoward creases up to your arm pits.

No one want’s to see that.

Shoe laces, however, aren’t a big deal.

That would be nuts.

Other than making sure the ends are exactly even and the bottom loop is on top of your shoe tongue rather than underneath.

Not unreasonable to expect.

It’s just details…they’re important.

Like slicing your sandwich on the diagonal.

Just makes lunch more whimsical.

You just have to step out of your comfort zone, every now and then, preferably on a Thursday…in case things go bad.

Then you can fall back on the details you know so well.

So, someone put the cookies in the wrong cabinet?

That’s easily remedied.

Just buy a new box of cookies and put them in the right cabinet.

That’s all….

I could go on like this all day…but I have to go finish making the bed, which is how this all got started.

Now, which side of the top sheet is the upside again?

Not easy to tell.

And the upside goes down right?


  1. Top sheet: wrongside up
    Bottom sheet: rightside up

  2. i'm starting to think you need more leaves to rake....

    1. I know...the one I have left is getting pretty boring....

    2. you need a wookie to keep you busy!


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