Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Halfway Through and Halfway There

A small dusting of snow fell on the morning I started writing this.

Halfway through another December and halfway there to another Christmas, the snow was more atmosphere than nuisance,

Everyone’s dreaming of a white Christmas…just like the ones we used to know.

The carolers are out in force, now…the lights, the parties, the on-line shopping.

All under way in full go go go.

Even the guy down the street who walks his dog and leaves a greeting on my lawn every morning is less snarly, when he sneers at the mess I insist he pick up and remove.

So it’s a nice time of year.

And despite all the holiday hub bub and jingle jangle of holiday noise I kind of see it as a time when the world slows down a bit and crystalizes.

It’s a nice time for reflection…of not only the year, near done…but of years and Christmases, long gone.

I didn’t think about those kinds of things when I was younger.  Probably nobody does.

When you’re young, every new holiday, new “life event”, New Year becomes a part of your foundation…part of the “Who” you’re building.

Until, eventually, you reach a point when you step outside yourself and discover all the bricks are pretty much in place.

Oh sure, there’s always room for some remodeling, updating and a little sand blasting now and again, to wash away the mold.

Yet for the most part the super structure is pretty much set and in place…with or without the assistance of various ace bandages and other support and replacement parts.

Those ambitious dreams of yesterday, now replaced by contented dreams of quiet days and small victories.

A roof over our head, preferably without leaks or leaks we can ignore, at least until the ceiling comes down.

A warm bed to snuggle up in at night…preferably our own.

Good food on the table.

Good drink in the fridge and or hidden behind the couch, especially when the in-laws drop by.

Close friends and family to wrap yourself in and around on the darkest and brightest of days…just to be able to look up and say…“I have everything I need right here…right now...and all the days ahead.”

These are the things we reflect on a week before Christmas: the peace and serenity we seek, that settles in this time of year; cutting through the clamor racing with the crowd.

It’s something we try to acknowledge come every December…and something we should live and embrace every month before and after.

Easier said than lived…especially while under construction…yet so obvious, years later, with the heavy lifting done.

Just a thought…nothing more on a soft, white December day, halfway through and halfway there… .

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  1. so many blessings, even when there is darkness... it's the moments of positive light that keep us going...
    “I have everything I need right here…right now...and all the days ahead.”

    1. not to mention.... with a little help from our friends....

  2. You get 5 stars for this one. Makes me glad I know you. Carry on --


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