Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December Has Landed

So December has landed.

I mean it’s not a big surprise.

We all knew it would.

Ever since November dropped by it was inevitable.

December always follows November, like a love sick puppy.

If it didn’t move in right after November snuck out…now that would have been surprising.

We’d all be walking around scratching our heads saying…

“How’d it get to be January already?”

“What happened to Christmas?”

“What am I supposed to do with all these gifts?”

So it would be weird.

Messing with the natural order of things and all that.

So December has landed.

And with it, all its accompanying holiday anticipation.

And tension….

And angst…. 

And decorating…and music…and movies…and officeparties…and traditions…and hazards…and crowds…and treehunting….and so on and so on.

I’ve pretty much covered them all in one holiday story or another over these last few years.

And you have to admit,  this was a pretty clever, albeit, sneaky way, of parading their links out in front of you, to peruse one more time, if you're so inclined…if I do say so myself.

Hey…why not…tis the season for holiday specials…and what’s more special than all of my past holiday silliness.

Plus it’s getting tougher and tougher to come up with new holiday topics to pontificate on from on high…or even on low.

So it’s December.


Haughty, jaunty December with all its bangles, bells and bows.

So jolly….with all the holly.

So ho ho ho….

And to be honest, December’s gotten a little bit full of itself lately.

Like it invented the holidays or something.

Like it was single handedly responsible for all the goodwill towards men.

Let alone the fa la fa la la…la la la la….

But I suppose it can claim some responsibility.

Why not….?

I mean December was smart enough to grasp that folks were kind of worn out from all the previous months.

So why not do a little celebrating?

We’ve earned it.

I mean July has been trying to horn in on some of the holiday hoo ha these past few years.

There are a lot of Christmas in July celebrations these days.


Like that’s gonna take off…I mean with people other than those who have had a few too many eggnogs…if you know what I'm sayin.  

So December pretty much just scoffs at July.

Like December is gonna try and horn in on 4th of July?

I mean except for the fireworks.

Fireworks on Christmas are kind of cool, if you should happen to stumble on them, someplace.

Just throw in a little extra green and red and you’re good to go.

In fact you can throw some twinkly lights on just about anything and you’ve got yourself a genuine holiday parade…of boats…fire engines…antique cars… dogs… cats… llamas… camels…practically any kind of farm animal you can imagine…and let the celebrating begin.

So I guess December has a right to feel special.

Yuletide bright…festive and gay…not that there’s anything wrong with that….

I mean what other month of the year can you play a music mix from Elvis to Burl Ives and not be forced to undergo testing?

I mean other than the usual.

So I’m willing to give December its due.

Plus it usually comes bearing gifts.

So who am I to complain?

Well…yeah…I am that guy.  

So buckle up and settle in…there’s a long holiday season ahead.

But we’ve all been here before….

December has landed.

And we’re about to take off.

Let the good times roll.

And make the spirit bright.

Ho Ho Ho….





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  1. December the tenth month as thought about by the Romans who themselves had twelve month ideals. First month of winter and in the words of Paul Simon deep and dark. Just right for the party season really.


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