Friday, December 5, 2014

December 5th…a significant time of year

December 5th has always held great significance for me.

Not sure why.

Maybe because it comes between December 4th and December 6th, which, by comparison, hold absolutely no significance to me.

So in the end, we can probably conclude that December 5th is really nothing to write home about either.

Unless I was trying to write a nostalgic holiday reverie about some life changing event that occurred one frosted December 5th in years gone by.

Maybe the day my dad bundled us all up in our old blue grey, 48 Chevy 4 door, as we went out to buy my first Christmas tree.

But nah…that’s not it.

Or maybe the time my mom dragged me out to the local department store for my first ever face to face encounter with Santa Claus who smelled of stale cigarettes and beer….maybe that was it.

No…I don’t think so.

I think that was December 9th.

It could be the day that my dad tested and strung all of our outdoor Christmas lights and then broke out all those colorful words when they blew a fuse 5 minutes after they were lit.

It could be that day, but, no...I was usually locked away in the pantry until all the cords were untangled, hung up and actually working.

I do have a vague memory of being allowed to spend an afternoon with my grandma, one day, every year, and helping herin the sense that the cat helps decorate the tree—make those cookies she dipped in grape jelly and honey.

But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that.

Maybe it was the day that Uncle Shamus told me he was going to take me downtown and introduce me to his kind of "spry little elves”…just before Aunt Mary threw the frying pan at him.

Or it could have been the time I was chosen to play Joseph in the 8th grade nativity play…but no, now that I think of it…I had to resign the role just before the big show when I came down with a case of Fifth Disease…so maybe I’m mixing my fifths.

So, I’m not really sure what it is.

It could be anything….

But definitely not the day Marybuttercup Pennyloafers held that mistletoe over my head and explained that ancient customs demanded that a kiss be proffered.

I mean it could have been the 5th because basically we respected the tradition so much that we re-enacted it almost every day…which would have made the 5th just another day.

So I can’t really say.

Oh wait…tomorrow, the 6th, is the day we make our annual run up into Connecticut to cut down our Christmas tree.

So December 5th is the day I usually take my beach chairs out of the trunk and clean out all the sand.

Ahhhhhh…so that must be it.

I knew it was something with heavy significance.

Beach chairs out…Christmas tree in.
I can’t think of a better holiday transition than that.




  1. Significance can often be overlooked where work is involved.

    1. There's some significant truth in that statement....

  2. it's your christmas tree cutting eve! merry saturday to you and may you find that special one...... ;0)

    1. Thanks! Yes, it's out there waiting for us. And it may have to wait another day if it rains like they keep saying it's gonna rain.

    2. tomorrow will be a good day for the fire.... bring in the beach chairs and warm your feet.

  3. Significance! It's a perfume, isn't it? A haunting scent, one you will not forget, for it brings memories you have never dared to recall. Until now. Bring it on, dude.


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