Friday, October 26, 2012

Hoppy Pumpkin Squirrels

Less than a week ‘til Halloween, and you know what that means?

Yep…getting my snow shovel out and preparing for the annual Halloween snow.

It’s become such a nice tradition.

Someone should record a song.

 Oh the weather outside is doubly frightful…you know, because of all the the snow and ghoul delightfuls.

But as long as we’re candy  fools...

Let it snow let it snow let it snow…..

Hey…I never said I was Irving Berlin.

Anyway, less than a week to go and the race is on to see if the squirrels can polish off the pumpkins on the stoop before then.

They’re lagging a bit this year—just a few nibbles—but I’m anticipating a strong finish.

Someone told Z that if you pour cheap beer over your pumpkin, it keeps the squirrles at bay.

But that doesn’t even work on most of my friends, so I’m a little skeptical.

Unlike my friends, however, the squirrels are more discerning, so they become appalled when they find you’re not serving the good stuff.

I suspect they’ll come around, though.

I saw a couple of them climbing up my tree, listing a bit to the right.

Romney supporters, no doubt.

So we’re ready for Halloween, snow or no.

The truck dropped off our 10,000 pounds of candy the other day.

Which will be gone before 8 PM.

And some of it will go to the kids.

I mentioned last year, that our neighborhood is invaded by just about every kid in town…I guess because of its ghoulish reputation.

And the ghoul’s really eat that up…I mean the reputation…not the trick or treaters.

That would be wrong.

I mean it’s not like it’s still the 17th century.

Today we have laws…and cable…which apparently has no laws.

Wendy, the cute witch next door, says she hasn’t boiled anything human in her cauldron for years.

Too much toil and trouble with the health department.

So she microwaves…..

Nah…I’m kidding.

Who really cooks anything in a microwave other than popcorn and frozen veggies.

So there’s that.

I even saw the werewolves, hanging some decorative cobweb around their front porch the other day, so maybe that whole messy situation is in the past.

I guess time will tell.

We’ll see how things fall after the full moon on Monday.

Fingers crossed.

Wait…the squirrels are ringing the bell.

They’re demanding something more seasonal; a bit more hoppy.

Beer snobs….

Need a treat...or even a trick?

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